Everyone in the daily life of garbage trucks should be relatively common, but garbage trucks do not have the same classification for their different uses. What are the uses of garbage trucks?

1. Swing arm type garbage truck : It is widely used in the recycling of domestic garbage in schools, streets and communities, etc. It belongs to a more general garbage bucket. Multiple garbage buckets can be operated with one vehicle at each garbage point. There are a lot of rubbish bins placed on it, capable of short-distance and long-distance transport, and with the function of self-unloading, the operability of the hydraulic lifting assembly. Its performance is also relatively reliable and safe, and its stability is good.

2. Kitchen garbage trucks are mainly leftovers, food wastes or household garbage used in hotels. The degree of automation in loading and unloading garbage is also relatively high. The operation process has the advantages of sealing, large loading capacity, good sealing performance, no odor emission, no sewage leakage, good environmental performance, and the like. Strong loading performance, safety and reliability, and good engine power output maneuverability.

3, hook arm garbage truck : mainly uses the garbage recycling station with the hospital, the property, the street and so on, the vehicle compartment is to be able to prevent the garbage collection point, also is a vehicle to be able to dispose the multiple garbage buckets to carry the transportation, the security, Economic performance is relatively stable.

4. Sealed garbage trucks are mainly used for collecting and collecting garbage, transferring garbage, and removing garbage. Vehicles have the function of carrying dumps. Hydraulic operation methods are more convenient when dumping garbage. It is relying on its own weight to automatically remove garbage. The sealed garbage truck has the advantages of relatively good environmental protection, simple and convenient and efficient collection of garbage.

5. Compression garbage truck : It is mainly used in the collection and loading transportation of daily garbage. The compressed garbage truck has a sealed type of garbage bin, which automatically compresses and dumps the garbage, and the sewage is automatically discharged into the sewage tank. It can better solve the garbage and secondary pollution occurs during transportation. It has good practicality, convenient operation, good sealing performance, reduced waste area, safety, and so on.

6. Garbage trucks for hanging drums : mainly used with large-scale mining plants and construction materials that are transported by the market, such as soil, sand, ash, stones, etc. The vehicles themselves have a hydraulic system. There are two lifting cylinders. Branch, child hanging up and down. The use of high-quality steel plates in the garbage trucks on the bottom and the stainless steel bottom plates can be installed on the bottom, which can ensure the smoothness of the vehicle during dumping.

The  Oil Tank Heater with the Vortex Tube as the  Heat Exchange element, realizes heat functions of high efficiency, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, high pressure resistance, fouling prevention, greatly improving the integral performance of the  Tube Heat Exchanger. The problem of the serious waste of oil product warming steam energy saving and consumption reducing in the petrochemical industry is promoted positively. Now the product has been used widely in the fields of oil tank` heating in the Sinopec  refining  industry system. Depend on the outstanding effect on saving energy and good,stable operation capability, the product win the greeted favorable comment by the person in the line because of this, our company has became the Sinopec  strategic partner honorably. 

The advantange of the Oil Tank Heater:

1. High heating rate and high heat transfer efficiency without fouling.

2. Heat oil product with certain amount as needed.

3. Local high temperature or charring of oil product is avoided, ensuring the quality of oil product and the heat transfer efficiency of heater.

4. The oil outlet inside the oil tank has the highest temperature, ensuring the fluidity of poured oil product.

5. Repeated heating oil product inside the oil tank is avoided, ensuring the chrominance of oil product and the cost of oil product processing is reduced.

6. Long service life, with functions of corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, high pressure resistance and fouling prevention, the integral performance of Heat Exchanger is enhanced greatly.

7. With advance process structure design, the oil produce can flow out smoothly and the bottom of tank be sucked perfectly.

8. Compact structure and convenient installation and maintenance ensure that the safety of oil tank would not be affected by the installation of heater. Compared with U-shaped Tube Heat Exchanger with the same area of heat exchange, the dimensions of eddy hot film heat exchange is only about half the external dimensions of U-shaped tube heat exchanger.

9. According to customer`s request,the equipment can realize the automated inspect and control of temperature,pressure,flow rate,leak detection.

Oil Heat Exchanger

Oil Tank Heater

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