The principle of copper metal used for cables is that there are physical methods for blocking copper from contact with humid air, cathodic protection with redox to prevent oxidation of copper conductors, chemical methods to form passive films on the surface of copper conductors to prevent oxidation, or spraying special liquids on conductor surfaces. protection. Take the production of general rubber cable as an example, the main method of preventing oxidation in each process.
1, copper rod into the factory before transport, testing and storage
Most of the cable companies in China use copper for outsourcing. They should select high-quality metal copper rods, standardize suppliers' transportation and delivery procedures and systems, and copper bars should be inspected in accordance with GB/T 3048.2 or the cable companies' corporate standards. The storage of the copper rods can be covered with a plastic or plastic film, ie the simplest physical barrier prevents the copper rods from coming into contact with moist air. When the workshop uses copper rods, it is necessary to visually inspect the copper rods one by one to see if they are blackened, and to control them from the source of production.
2, copper wire drawing process control
The drawing of 0.4mm monofilament generally adopts copper annealing machine and medium tension machine which are continuously annealed, and it needs to go through processes of wire drawing, wire drawing and annealing, cooling, drying, and take-up. First of all, you should select a suitable mold, must not be too small, otherwise it will force the variation of the crystal lattice of copper, and aggravate the rapid rise of metal temperature. Secondly, check the pH of the emulsion before turning on the machine to ensure that it is an alkaline solution. At the same time, antioxidants should be added to the drawing oil to form a passivation film on the surface of the copper conductor to prevent oxidation. When releasing the wire, the tension of the payoff line should be stable and uniform. Excessive tremors; Operators should ensure proper water level during wire drawing, ensure uniform annealing, avoid under-annealing or over-annealing; at the time of take-up, there should be no residual liquid on the surface of the copper conductor, and a dry felt can be placed in front of the take-up line. To ensure monofilament drying. Finally, after the drawing, it is sealed with a transparent plastic film and stored in a dry environment until it circulates. Otherwise, the risk of oxidation due to the higher surface temperature of the conductor and the humid air will occur.
3, copper wire stranding (bundle) and insulating rubber, sheath rubber extrusion process
For example, in the twisting of copper wire, during the twisting process of the conductor, the copper copper crystal lattice changes its structure after passing through various channels. Under the action of strong external force, the temperature of the copper conductor after over-molding is greatly improved compared to that before the overmolding. The outer conductor of the copper conductor is susceptible to oxidation. The instillation standard is based on the surface of the infiltrated copper wire, avoiding the occurrence of localized oxidation or excessive waste. If all the oxidation prevention work is ready, turn it on again. The take-up line shall ensure that the take-up spool is dry. After the take-up reel is full, seal it with a transparent plastic film.
The polyester tape shall be wrapped or wrapped around the conductor before the insulation is extruded, and the material in the rubber insulation shall be placed to corrode the conductor. During the extrusion process, the insulating rubber and sheath rubber should prevent the thread from entering the water, and the oxidation of the thread ends can occur.
In our daily production observations, we found that by selecting high-quality copper rods, effectively controlling the drawing process and the emulsion concentration and temperature, annealing process, passivation treatment of conductor strands or twisted copper wires, and preventing water ingress of threads, etc. In addition, the workshop operators should establish a sense of quality, strengthen business training, be able to clearly recognize the adverse consequences of oxidation of copper wire, and strictly control quality in order to effectively control the quality of cable copper conductors and prevent their oxidation. Improve the work efficiency, reduce the frequency of rework, so as to achieve the beneficial effect of reducing costs and improving the quality of internal products.
The above is the way to share the prevention of the oxidation of the conductor of the common rubber sheath cable, and we hope to help everyone.

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