LED lights available on the market, although the power consumption of only 6% of incandescent lamps, the service life of up to 50,000 hours or more, but often ten times, several times the price so that LED lights can not easily walk into the ordinary People's home. Yesterday learned that Nanjing Institute of Technology recently made new two-dimensional semiconductor research is expected to create new materials, greatly reducing the production cost of LED lights.

LED lights, high brightness, low power consumption, no radiation, non-toxic components, but also in areas not covered by the grid, relying on solar energy can be used. Today, with serious earth resources and serious environmental pollution, it is of great significance to all mankind. The 2014 Nobel Prize in Physics was presented to blue-light-emitting diode (LED) inventors, and the biggest challenge in developing blue LEDs has been overcome. LED basic structure is an electroluminescent semiconductor material chip, the main material used for production is currently gallium nitride. The need for high-temperature vacuum semiconductor materials, high prices, LED lights are caused by the price is too high, can not be promoted an important reason.

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