Troubleshooting of 2X rotary vane vacuum pump

1, rotary vacuum pump vacuum is not high: (1) If the pump temperature is too high, the sealing degree will drop. If the temperature of the pumped gas is high, the gas should be cooled before entering the rotary vane vacuum pump. If the external temperature is too high, cooling and ventila-----!

Revised Rubber National Standard Startup

On November 17th, Jinan, Shandong Province experienced continuous rains and chills. At the working meeting of the expert group of the 16th member representative assembly of the Comprehensive Rubber Utilization Subcommittee of the China Rubber Industry Association, experts held a heated discussion -----!

Home lighting season tough battle centered on "see…

Looking at the overall home lighting industry in 2011, we can easily find that this year's home lighting companies are quieter than ever. Affected by inflation, since last year, the rise in raw material prices, labor costs, and logistics costs has deeply plagued the development of enterprises. -----!