According to the UK's "Daily Mail" report, British scientists have designed a virtual reality helmet that mimics sight, smell, hearing, touch and even taste, so that users do not have to go to distant vacation destinations in person. At home, you will have the feeling of being there and enjoy the fun of virtual travel.

After wearing this helmet, the "chair chair visitor" (a person who only reads or heard about travel and does not travel in person) simply sits comfortably in the living room and hears the roar of a lion in a hunting trip. , smell the flowers on the alpine meadows and feel the heat of the Caribbean sun. In addition, this device allows users to greet friends and family far away on the other side of the world, as if they were in the same room, allowing themselves to immerse themselves in the illusion of the world. With this helmet, students can virtually explore history and experience the feelings of living in ancient Egypt, ancient Rome, or ancient Greece.

The helmet is called "virtual skull" and contains specially developed electronic equipment. It includes a high-definition and high-dynamic computer display, high-tech speakers, a fan to blow hot/cold air to the wearer's face, and a nose to the nose. The "sniffing tube" of chemicals is released below to simulate the odor in the real world.

Professor Alan Chalmers of Warwick University stated that the virtual skeleton will come out in 3 to 5 years. He believes that this kind of magic helmet can be used for long-distance business meetings, allowing students to revisit history or allow home users to have close contact with distant holiday destinations without having to go out. For computer game enthusiasts, especially those who like to play "Second Life" and other players who can play virtual characters, virtual 茧 will certainly be very popular. At an event organized by the Engineering and Natural Sciences Research Council, Chalmers said: "The virtual trick is not to replace reality, but to complement the real world. You can feel safe in a controlled manner. ”

The virtual prototype will be wirelessly connected to the computer. The computer is responsible for providing information in a virtual world or in a specific area of ​​the real world. Its high-dynamic display uses LED (Light Emitting Diode) and LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) technologies, resulting in image darkness 10 times that of traditional TVs, and brightness is as much as 30 times. The olfactory tube of the helmet is connected to a box containing chemicals that can release the odor under the nose of the wearer. A similar device can spray the scent directly into the mouth of the wearer. Temperature and humidity are regulated by fans and heaters, and surround speakers provide sound.

Chalmers pointed out that users can purchase related computer software in order to explore the virtual world they are interested in. In addition to exploring the virtual world, virtual skulls allow wearers to explore real-world specific areas in real time.

Professor David Howard, chief scientist of the Virtual Paralysing Project and of York University, said: "Virtual real projects usually focus on one or two of the five senses, usually visual and auditory. We are not aware of the rest of the world. Does the research organization do the same job as we do?Using a new technology pioneered by the team of Chalmers and its University of Warwick - delivering pre-set odor recipes as required - the dummy can provide electronics to the wearer. Smell.Smell and smell are closely related, we decided to spray specific substances into the mouth of the wearer to provide a sense of texture. The haptic device is responsible for simulating tactile sensation.” It is worth mentioning that the virtual rake can also be used to train soldiers, police, Doctor or firefighter. At present, designers are pricing virtual prostitutes. The initial estimate is around £1,500.

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