Home LED lighting design adheres to innovative ideas

At the recent 2014 Beijing Lighting Exhibition and Beijing Intelligent Building Exhibition, the Intelligent Building Exhibition Hall is very popular, which not only attracts many colleagues in the lighting industry and design industry, but also attracts many outsiders. Now it seems that th

Summer use of lubricants

In summer, the ambient temperature is high. If the oil is selected improperly, the oil pressure may be too low, and if it is severe, the engine may be damaged. Therefore, the vehicle must pay attention to the correct selection and use of lubricants.

The environment temperature is

"Chongqing made" auto parts are sold overseas

With magnesium alloy parts, the car is lighter and more energy-efficient. Nowadays, magnesium alloy auto parts developed by our city have made “slimming” vehicles such as Volvo successful. Recently, the reporter learned from the Municipal Science and Techn