It is understood that the conventional drying oven equipment in the domestic market, as well as the main drying oven equipment in the international market, are basically manufactured in China, which indicates that the history of importing drying equipment in China is over. However, there are still some problems and difficulties. According to China General Machinery Drying Oven Equipment Industry Association predicts demand in the next few years in China, the chemical industry will be about drying oven equipment 3000 (sets); the annual demand for pharmaceutical drying oven equipment will reach About 3000 (sets); agriculture, forestry, food, light industry and other industries, such as drying oven equipment, annual demand is expected to reach 5000 (sets) around. At present, the drying oven equipment has reached over 80% of the domestic market.

Among them, the blast drying oven is a very important operation process in many productions, because the blast drying oven is not only a simple solid-liquid separation process, but more important is often the final process of the production process, the quality of the product, The dosage form depends to a large extent on the comprehensive application of drying technology and equipment.

In recent years, due to the development of the blast drying oven technology, more complicated factors have been brought to the screening equipment. Even equipment for drying equipment, manufacture or use are often confused on how to choose the right blast oven, because the seller of the drying equipment is on the market only for the technical information of the blast drying oven that they sell. The final choice. There is no doubt that users need the laboratory provided by the seller, the scope of the experiment, and technical and economic information.

With the development of technology and the further innovation of the degree of automation, the use of oven equipment in various industries is also continuing to develop, as is the case in the pharmaceutical industry, and it is moving from a single product to multiple directions.

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