On April 1st, China Rubber Industry Association issued the self-discipline standard of "E-type tire reclaimed rubber" association. According to regulations, the standard will be implemented on June 1, 2015.

It is understood that the standard is based on the relevant standards of the European Union and is revised on the basis of the national standard "Recycled Rubber" testing project. From the definition, technical requirements, test methods, inspection rules, packaging, signs, storage and transportation, etc. Recycled rubber production has made specific requirements.

The China Rubber Association said that the implementation of the standard is to promote technological progress in the industry and achieve green transformation of products. The China Rubber Association hopes to promote the sustainable and healthy development of the waste rubber recycling economy industry and lead the industry to eliminate the use of toxic and hazardous substances such as coal tar and the highly polluting production process. The standard extensively solicited opinions from manufacturers and companies, completed all the development procedures for standards, and passed industry experts' review.

It is reported that the standard is compiled by the China Rubber Association. Liu Zengyuan, Li Zi'an, Cao Qingxin, Mao Guohong, Zheng Jianhong and Liu Jiahong were the main drafters. 20 enterprises and units including Nantong Huili, Laiwu Fuquan Rubber and Jiangxi Guoyan participated in the drafting.

The China Rubber Association said that in the reference trial, the company may propose amendments or suggestions on the standards, and the association will organize revisions in due course.

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