"Following the trend and taking advantage of the situation," Fang can make a long-term plan for a major event. In the period of in-depth adjustment of the construction machinery industry, Sany has entered the field of residential PC equipment, established banks and insurance companies, and piloted water finance since the beginning of last year. On May 8, Sany Heavy Industry Group, in conjunction with China National Heavy Duty Truck, successfully launched the Sany汕deka Chassis Pump Truck to meet the changing needs of users in the industry under the new normal.

More than 550 users from across the country participate in the Sany 2015 high-end customer conference
President of Sany Heavy Industry and Chairman of Pumping Marketing Company made a speech on the industry situation to Wenbo Wen

In the early summer of May, Changsha was prosperous. Trinity Industrial Park guests gathered. Sany Heavy Industry and China National Heavy Duty Truck Co., Ltd. joined hands and after nearly a year of painstaking research and development and repeated debugging, the company unveiled its first triple chassis heavy duty truck pump truck. In addition, the V8 town pioneers, LNG mixers and PC complete sets of equipment launched by Sany Heavy Industry in recent years have also made their debut. More than 550 customers from across the country came to the scene to observe the experience.

Trinity V8 town pioneer in beautiful rural construction
Trinity LNG mixer is more environmentally friendly and energy-saving

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