With the development of science and technology, automotive electronics products are becoming more and more abundant. In fact, one trend of electronic products is to make the operation more and more simple. You can easily complete the settings you want with just a few clicks. However, although it is very simple, it cannot be handled sloppyly. It also requires a little care in daily use and maintenance, so that it is easy to extend the lifespan of electronic products.

1. Follow the shutdown sequence after use: close the page, shut down, and finally remove the plug. Some car owners' drawings are convenient. When they are used to pull out the plug directly, they are never shut down. This is an easy task, but it takes a long time to damage the electronic components.

2. The best three hours before the machine is used to charge about 10 hours, so that the battery storage capacity to maximize the play out.

3. Start the car first and plug in the cigarette lighter power. After the navigation, unplug the cigarette lighter and insert it again after the car is started. This will help protect the battery of the machine and prolong the service life of the battery.

4. Do not touch the navigation screen with sharp objects.

5. Portable navigation should not be exposed to the sun for a long time. The large temperature difference not only affects the battery life of the navigation but also affects the touch sensitivity of the LCD screen. After use, it is best to close up, do not put in a conspicuous position in the car, so as not to provoke a thief.

Common Commercial Concrete Batching Plants

We are manufacturer of Fully Automatic Concrete Mixing Plant in China, if you want to buy Cement Concrete Mixing Plant,Electric Control Concrete Batching Plant,Stationary Concrete Batching Plant please contact us.This station is suitable for industrial, civil construction, roads, railways, bridges, electric power, water conservancy, port terminals, airports and other projects. It can be used as a mixing equipment for commercial concrete production, and combined various forms different specifications concrete mixing plant according to the needs of different users.

The pl series batching machine used in this product consists of a feeding mechanism, a weighing system, an electrical control system and other components. The structure of the batching machine is arranged in a "good" shape, which is conveyed by a belt conveyor and weighed by a plurality of sensors for accurate measurement.

This product Screw Conveyor is a double pitch blade that reduces the degree of compression of the material during transport. It is equipped with high-quality medium-hanging bearings and is easy to install.

This product(concrete batching plant) is equipped with the storage, batching, conveying, stirring, control and other devices of various raw materials required for precast concrete, and various aggregates, powders, admixtures, water, etc. A complete set of equipment for supplying concrete in a concentrated manner than by a mixer.

Fully Automatic Concrete Mixing Plant,Cement Concrete Mixing Plant,Electric Control Concrete Batching Plant,Stationary Concrete Batching Plant

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