[China Instrument Network Instrument R&D] In the near future, China's Xidian Electric successfully developed a 750 kV single-column 750-kilovolt, single-column, single-phase, non-excitation voltage-regulating generator Transformer with the highest impedance and the highest impedance.

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The transformer's R&D technical performance has reached the international advanced level, comprehensively upgrading key technologies such as the design and manufacture of XD brand giant high-voltage generator transformers, forming proprietary intellectual property technology and one patent, and promoting product technology upgrade and replacement.
This product was developed for the expansion of the 2×1000 megawatt supercritical unit of the second phase of Shenhua Guoneng Ningxia Wuhu Power Plant. In order to ensure product quality, China Xidian, which undertook the research and development task, belongs to the advanced 750-kilovolt transformer design and manufacturing technology, which is based on the large-capacity, high-impedance, heavy-weight, and large-capacity transformer. The key technologies and difficulties, such as strict requirements for loss and difficulty in transportation, carry out technological innovation and focus on scientific research.
By optimizing the electrical design scheme and the internal insulation structure, comprehensive and systematic accounting of impedance, loss, temperature rise, and insulation performance are performed, and a large number of calculations and comparisons are made on the basis of calculations, layouts, main materials, and components. The experts conducted assessments to improve the safety and reliability of the products, which provided a guarantee for the success of this high-tech product with compact structure, low material consumption, light weight, small size, low noise, energy saving and environmental protection.
(Original title: China West Electric has successfully developed a domestic transformer with the largest capacity of 750 kV single column)

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