[China Instrument Network Instrument Conference] On November 11, the 2016-2017 Control Science and Engineering Discipline Development Research Project Launch Conference was successfully held at the Changshu International Conference Center in Jiangsu. Wang Feiyue, vice president and secretary general of the Society, Professor Wang Chenghong and Li Shaoyuan, vice presidents of the Institute, Sun Changyin, deputy secretary-general of the Society, and 30 project participants from scientific research institutes of various universities attended the kick-off meeting. The start-up will be chaired by Wang Feiyue, vice chairman and secretary general of the Society, and staff members of the Society’s secretariat will attend the meeting.

First, Zhang Nan, a full-time deputy secretary-general of the Institute, gave a detailed introduction to the research project of control science and engineering disciplines. The project mainly aims to highlight the development and cross-cutting of disciplines. Through comparative analysis of domestic and foreign research status, it summarizes the development trends and trends of disciplines. By comparing strategic requirements and looking forward to future development trends, it proposes countermeasures and suggestions for the development of disciplines and eventually forms the report text. Deputy Secretary-General Zhang Nan pointed out that through this start-up meeting, it was mainly to discuss the research direction, writing framework, time nodes and personnel composition of the control science and engineering disciplines. In the specific project implementation process, it is recommended that the tasks be clearly defined. In accordance with the "1 324" model, a "strong" team of experts shall be formed, and through the "3 channels" necessary working procedures, "4 sets" of textual results shall be formed. , to complete this work with high quality. At the same time, it is proposed to focus on avoiding risks and highlighting quality.

Lu Hao, the Institute of Automation at the Chinese Academy of Sciences, uses a combination of quantitative analysis and qualitative analysis to point out the tasks of the discipline development report, proposes reorganization and optimization of literature analysis points, and introduces the main processes and functions of the Quantitative Analysis System for the development of disciplines. Looking ahead.

Finally, according to their respective areas of strength, the participants conducted in-depth discussions on the content of subject research. Participants agreed that during the research process, the advantages of networking and intelligence should be fully utilized, the advantages of the society should be brought into play, resources should be concentrated, and information should be fully integrated.

(Original title: The 2016-2017 Control Science and Engineering Development Research Project Launch Meeting was successfully held in Changshu)

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