At present, two major types of industrial batteries are mainly classified into colloidal batteries and lead-acid batteries.

The difference between the two is that the colloidal battery is to fix the free acid in the colloidal material, so that the internal structure of the battery is stable, the capacity of the electrolyte is large in the same volume, the heat capacity is large, the heat dissipation ability is strong, and the general lead-acid battery can avoid the thermal runaway Phenomenon; low electrolyte concentration, weak corrosion to the plate; uniform concentration, no electrolyte delamination phenomenon.

First, the advantage of using colloidal batteries in the process of use is that no analytical gas is generated. Because the battery is in a sealed state, its service life becomes longer, and its capacity can reach no less than 90% after 10 years. However, due to the superior material quality, the same price is high.

The lead-acid battery has free acid inside, so after a certain period of time, there will be free gas generation, and over time it will produce a bulge, greatly affecting the service life. The service life is generally 6 to 7 years except for the long-life storage battery, which is a semi-colloidal lead-acid battery.

Second, lead-acid batteries due to built-in free acid, so the use of the environment is very strict. Remember not to direct sunlight, not too wet. There are strict requirements for the air humidity temperature, which determines that lead-acid batteries can not be used outdoors.

The colloidal battery can be perfectly applied to the outdoor environment, which is the reason for the high price of colloidal batteries.

Therefore, companies should carefully consider whether to use lead-acid batteries or colloidal batteries when purchasing batteries.

The following provides some battery true and false identification methods.

• In general, any brand of battery has a security number, so our first most secure method of verification is to dial 400 telephones for security check.

• There must be a security label attached to the battery case, which is also a basic method of authenticity. However, due to the recent emergence of artificial anti-counterfeiting labels on the market. So this method is not necessarily guaranteed.

• Observe the words outside the battery carefully. The genuine printing work is very fine, but the high imitation workmanship will have a series of problems such as ambiguity, dislocation, and tilt.

• Capacity, which is the fundamental of the battery. After many users have purchased high-level copy goods, they also lament that genuine products are hard to come by, as long as the capacity is guaranteed. So it is recommended to use the universal meter to test, but this method is first of all you have to watch many users after the purchase of the battery screaming profiteering, but also fake. In fact, you ask yourself, when you shop around, are you directly ignoring the high price? The cost of a 100ah lead-acid battery is about 500 yuan. How can the factory price be more than 600 yuan? And there will be tax, transportation and trademark fees. What is the price of 100ah battery? There is a lot of users say that I am looking for how the agent may be a fake? The battery's agent must first be the company, followed by an agency certificate stamped with official seals. At present, the branded battery agents are mostly concentrated in first-tier cities. Other agents who cannot provide agency certificates are merely second-hand middlemen. This kind of middleman, for the sake of small profits, regardless of the user's feelings, looking for low-quality battery oem into a brand battery, earning huge profits. Finally, it caused huge losses to the user.

Therefore, advise users to purchase batteries is to confirm the identity of the agent, and signed a contract with the agent, so as to avoid damages can not be compensated.

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