In an interview with the media, Niu Li, director of the macroeconomic research department of the Economic Forecasting Department of the National Information Center, stated that in accordance with the work keynotes and targets set by the Central Economic Work Conference and the “Government Work Report,” China’s transition from high-speed economic growth to high-speed growth There is still a need to increase steady growth on the road.

Combining the economic situation at present and for a period of time in the future, Niu Li made several suggestions: In terms of monetary policy, it should be kept tight and moderate. In the aspect of fiscal policy, he suggested that the funds allocated to the budget should be expedited, and policy investment projects such as public infrastructure and consumer facilities should be accelerated.

Specifically, first, for some major engineering projects approved by the State Council, innovative financing mechanisms must be accelerated. For example, the central bank last year provided a one trillion yuan mortgage supplement loan to the China Development Bank to support the construction of affordable housing. It is now possible to continue to create new financing tools and methods to resolve the funding gap between local government construction and new projects.

The second is that the State Council has issued numerous taxation and fee-reduction measures for small and micro enterprises and “three rural issues” and must be put in place to further study how to reduce the burden on enterprises and individuals.

The third is to use the "One Belt and One Road" major strategic plan and the establishment of the Asian Investment Bank, through the cooperation of infrastructure interconnection, speed up the pace of "going out", and increase the export of related equipment and commodities in China.

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