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China Drying Network News According to the Nikkei BP Agency, the Institute for Multi-Materials Science at Tohoku University in Japan and Showa Denko have announced that they have jointly developed a technology for mass production of high-quality graphene sheets. This means taking an important step in the use of graphene as a battery material for vehicles and lightweight, high-strength structural materials.

The method developed this time uses graphene with a supercritical liquid such as ethanol. Because there is no oxidation treatment, "there are almost no impurities such as oxygen and hydrogen." Furthermore, "flow reactors" that can continuously strip graphene have also been developed. For 5 grams of raw material, the time for one stripping treatment is only about 1 hour.

However, the yield of single-layer peeling monolayer graphene is only about 10%. In order to solve this problem, Tohoku University and Showa Denko have also developed a method of circulating the stripping process and repeating the process at a temperature of 400°C. The harvest rate can be increased to more than 30% with 12 repeated treatments, and the harvest rate can be increased to more than 80% with 48 repeated treatments. In 48 repeated treatments, the throughput per hour is reduced to about 100 mg of raw material, but the production efficiency is still higher than that of the oxidative exfoliation method.

Showa Denko will further develop technologies that will increase productivity in the future.

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