According to the Japanese media, Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun, Japan's Mitsubishi Electric Corporation has developed a high-speed, large-capacity data communication technology using 2 megabits per second (Mbit / s) of metal cables using the power grid.

Based on the Internet IP modem, the company developed a new modem for high-speed data communications using the power network. With this technology, users can achieve high-speed data communication through the mains power grid. Currently, a circuit can accommodate 100 sub-users, with a direct transmission distance of 10 km and a relay transmission distance of up to 20 km. When the amount of communication data increases, the device automatically adjusts the communication speed to ensure the communication quality. The device is connected to the server in the power grid, through the user's smart meter can be collected remotely on the user's electricity information.

Japan's Mitsubishi Electric Corporation predicts that with the popularization of smart meters, the data traffic through the power grid will rapidly increase during the construction of the smart grid. The practical application of new technologies will help break the bottleneck of data communications in the smart grid. New equipment, such as the distribution network control system, will also play a role in the coordinated operation of power grids.

Turning Machine

Jingye precision mechanical slitting machine is specially used for slitting various thin strips, such as copper,
 Aluminum, iron, stainless steel, up to + -0.002mm 

(1). Raw material specifications 1. Material: metal strips such as copper and stainless steel strips. 2. Material width: within 420mm. 3. Material thickness: copper strip 0.05mm∽1.5mm, stainless steel 0.05mm∽1.0mm. 4. The inner diameter of the raw material roll: ¢300mm. 5. Outer diameter of raw material roll:≦¢1500mm.

6. Weight of raw material roll: ≤3000kg.

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