Shepherd drying has been engaged in the design, development, manufacture and installation of grain drying technology and related ancillary products for many years. She is a large-scale and extra-large grain drying system service provider in China and has a high-efficiency and energy-saving continuous drying tower and a low-temperature cycle drying machine. For many types of products, shepherding sheep has been drying for many years to provide efficient and safe grain drying equipment and engineering. He has repeatedly undertaken the research and industrialization implementation of national and provincial and municipal major grain drying topics, and has indeed ensured the national food and World food security. In the future, the Muyang Group will continue its efforts to become a high-tech agricultural equipment company, and it is determined to become the world's leading food drying system service provider, and strive to make greater contributions to national and international food security development.

The 2014 China International Agricultural Machinery Exhibition organized by China Agricultural Machinery Circulation Association, China Agricultural Mechanization Association, and China Agricultural Machinery Industry Association opened on October 28 at the Wuhan International Expo Center. The Umra Group participated in the exhibition as a specially invited company. Dozens of well-known companies from the United States, Canada, Germany, France, Italy, Sweden, South Korea, Japan, Thailand, India and other countries participated in the exhibition. More than 1600 companies participated in the exhibition. The degree of internationalization of the show exceeds that of previous years.

It is understood that this exhibition aims to build a platform for display and exchange of domestic and foreign agricultural machinery production, circulation, use, promotion, appraisal, scientific research management, and other aspects. Shepherd drying equipment company represents 30 tons of low temperature with outstanding reputation in the market represented by the sheep group. The cycle dryer and the newly developed 20-ton multi-function dryer participated in the exhibition. Deputy leaders of China Agricultural Machinery Industry Association Ning Xuegui and deputy director of Jiangsu Agricultural Machinery Bureau Wang Feng and other leaders visited the booth of the Shepherd Group to learn more about the development of the Shepherd Group in the field of grain drying in recent years, to protect the national food security and help farmers The increase in high yields and its contribution to the development of agriculture and economy in Jiangsu Province are positive. Secretary Wang also inquired in detail about the cost of drying heat source, etc. Shepherd Group Li Haibing answered the questions one by one, and introduced that continuous technological innovation capability and high-quality engineering delivery are one of the core competitive advantages of the Sheep Group.

At the exhibition site, shepherd drying has served three sets of drying centers in Anhui Baihu Farm, Hunan Anbang Company and Heilongjiang Qingtian Agricultural Machines, and other major sheep drying customers have been standing in the Shepherd Group booth for a long time, fully assimilating the sheep's dried products. sure. Ning Secretary-General of the China Agricultural Machinery Industry Association invited the sheep to dry on the spot to join the drying branch of China Agricultural Machinery Association. Agricultural media, agricultural machinery 360, agricultural machinery business and other media also competed with the Muyang Group for coverage. In the exhibition, the Muyang Group has issued slogans for reputable city-level dealers. Many famous agricultural machinery companies have compared and saw the high-quality manufacturing and superior performance of the sheep's drying products and then they are eager to consult with each other on how to become a high-quality distributor of sheep's drying products.

Various types of grain cultivation, seeding, management, collection, drying and subsequent grain storage and deep processing have formed an industrial chain. The Muyang Group is one of the most influential companies in this field in China, and the products have been sold to domestic grains. It has been exported to Russia, Indonesia, Thailand, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Angola, Sri Lanka, Mozambique, Congo, Cuba and other dozens of countries and regions. Accredited.

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