Temperature and humidity monitor for you to select the best decoration and check-in time Formaldehyde is one of the main pollutants in indoor decoration, its wide range of sources, toxicity, long duration of poisoning, in recent years more and more attention, urea-formaldehyde resin because of its It is inexpensive, easy to use and has good gluing properties. It has been widely used as an adhesive for interior wood-based panels, and this will not change for a long period of time, so it is used to make artificial floors, but it is During the renovation process, formaldehyde production was the most. However, during the renovation process, the amount of emissions due to different seasonal changes all have a certain degree of change. During the summer renovation, it was found that the amount of formaldehyde emission has a close relationship with the temperature and humidity in the environment. In this paper, we use the temperature and humidity monitor to test the temperature and humidity in the environment, and analyze the relationship between temperature and humidity and formaldehyde emissions.
After using the temperature and humidity recorder to measure the data, the following conclusions are drawn: The formaldehyde emission increases with increasing temperature. The reason for the analysis may be that the release of formaldehyde in the sheet depends on its boiling point and polarity. Usually the increase in release with increasing temperature is consistent with reports that temperature promotes formaldehyde release.
The results of the decrease in formaldehyde emission when the humidity is changed from 35% to 45% need to be further verified. When the humidity is changed within the range of 45% to 75%, the formaldehyde emission is significantly increased, which has also been verified in related studies. The reason for the analysis may be that when the humidity increases, the weakly acidic water vapor in the ambient air reacts with the free dimethanol oligomer in the urea-formaldehyde resin gum or promotes the reaction between the methylolurea and the wood cellulose to generate formaldehyde, and at the same time, the urea-formaldehyde resin glue can also be promoted. Explain to release formaldehyde.
From the above, it can be found that when the temperature is high and the humidity is relatively high, the emission of formaldehyde is relatively high. Therefore, when the decoration is performed, it is preferable to perform the decoration in the spring or the spring and summer, and it is best to stay in the autumn, or The use of a temperature and humidity self-recording instrument to perform measurements is appropriate, but this is not economically justified.

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