February 24, 2017, the scientific and technological achievements appraisal agency recognized by the Ministry of Science and Technology - Beijing Science and Technology Innovation Center (Beijing) Scientific and Technological Achievements Evaluation Center in Beijing on the Luoyang Tianbao Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. developed the "volatile organic compounds (VOCs) pollution gas treatment technology And solvent recovery equipment "project conducted a scientific and technological achievements evaluation.

It is understood that the conference is based on the relevant provisions of the Ministry of Science and Technology "Evaluation Measures for Science and Technology," in accordance with the third-party evaluation standards and procedures, in the scientific, objective, independent and impartial principle, organize experts to evaluate scientific and technological achievements. Mr. Liu Zhenjie, Deputy Secretary General of Printing and Packaging Engineering Institute of Beijing Institute of Printing and Packaging, Professor Guo Junzhong, Professor of Beijing Institute of Printing, a professor-level senior engineer of China Environmental Protection Industry Association, , Beijing Cleaner Production Experts, Professor Ai Qijun, Professor Gao Yuheng, a professor of China Association of Resources Comprehensive Utilization, and former chairman of Printing Professional Committee of China University-run Industry Association attended the meeting.

After expert review, it is considered that the project adopts secondary adsorption and desorption cycles to realize continuous operation of the system, and the exhaust gas meets the national emission standards with obvious effects of energy conservation and emission reduction. The project adopts inert gas desorption and condensation recovery at room temperature to reduce the solvent residue after desorption of the primary adsorber (to process printing exhaust gas) and improve the solvent recovery and utilization rate. The VOCs treatment technology is advanced with significant economic and environmental benefits. Broad promotion prospects. The project has obtained 9 national invention patents, 3 utility model patents and 1 software copyright. It has independent intellectual property rights and is highly innovative. It has reached the advanced level in the field of VOCs treatment technology in the printing industry. Experts agreed that through the evaluation of scientific and technological achievements.

Cooking Oil Filling Plant

Smaller scale bottling line
Next the bottle enters a labelling machine ("labeller") where a label is applied. To ensure traceability of the product, a lot number, generally the date and time of bottling, may also be printed on the bottle. The product is then packed into boxes and warehoused, ready for sale.

Depending on the magnitude of the bottling endeavor, there are many different types of bottling machinery available. Liquid level machines fill bottles so they appear to be filled to the same line on every bottle, while volumetric filling machines fill each bottle with exactly the same amount of liquid. While gravity filling machines are most cost effective. In terms of automation, inline filling machines are most popular, but rotary machines are much faster albeit much more expensive.
Some bottling lines incorporate a fill height detector which reject under or over-filled bottles, and also a metal detector.
After filling and corking, a plastic or tin capsule is applied to the neck of the bottle in a capsular. Next the bottle enters a labeller where a label is applied. The product is then packed into boxes and warehoused, ready for sale.

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