Alcoa Inc. announced a number of personnel changes recently, involving departments including its Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) and Business Development and Asset Management Departments. Specific appointment information is as follows:

Mike Barriere, vice president of human resources, was promoted to executive vice president of human resources and EHS. Alcoa recently merged the human resources department with the EHS department into one department, and Mike Barriere will be responsible for the business of the new department. In addition, Mike Barriere will continue to report to Klaus Kleinfeld, Chairman and CEO of Alcoa, and this appointment will take effect immediately.

Kevin McKnight will replace Kevin Anton from September 1st as Chief Sustainability Officer and Vice President of EHS Department. He will report to Mike Barriere and Kevin Anton will retire at the end of this year. He is in the United States. The aluminum company has been working for 15 years.

In addition, Kenneth Wisnoski has been promoted to president of Alcoa's newly established International Project Development and Asset Management Group. Immediately in force, he previously held the global primary product - Growth, Bauxite Mines & Africa (Global Primary Products - Growth). President of Bauxite and Africa.

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