The direct-light backlight secondary optical lens of the 22mm and 30mm standard ODs produced by the secondary optical lens manufacturer LEDLink has passed the Edison direct-lit backlight certification. The certified optical lens can also be used for panel illumination. Now, the two companies plan to enter the direct-lit backlight market.
Taiwan's LED packaging factory Edison and Redditch have a very close relationship. When the focus of the LED lighting market changed, Edison established a production chain for backlights at the Yangzhou plant. The plant can produce about 1.2 million light strips (LED strips) per month. Edison said that their current production capacity is still small.
After Edison entered the backlight market, the company began to wait and see if Redick would follow suit. Radek pointed out that their secondary optical lenses have been certified by Edison Direct backlights and have the opportunity to provide 22mm and 30mm OD secondary optics for Edison Direct backlights in the future. Redick hopes to join hands with Edison to enter the direct-lit backlight market.
Reddick Chairman Tang Delong pointed out that due to the large number of competitors, the company is very cautious in the direct-lit backlight market. As a result, they are cutting shipments in the initial stages of new product launches. However, the development of similar products by competitors has brought additional pressure, so the core of Redditch is still the production of small and large varieties in the LED lighting market.

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