With the official implementation of the national six emissions in some cities, the Sixth era has arrived.

Ancient poetry: When you come and don't lose, you can't miss the opportunity.

In the era of the Sixth National Day, how does Dongfeng Cummins take the opportunity to show off the ambition of Peng Peng?

Only products and services!

Dongfeng Cummins wins the national six with professional services Dongfeng Cummins wins the national six with professional services

From the layout to the official launch of 69 operating vehicles, see the real chapter.

As one of the engine companies, Dongfeng Cummins has already begun to layout the products of the country.

Before the product was introduced to the market, Dongfeng Cummins took the lead in starting the national six engine environmental protection type certification test, which was fully verified and evaluated in the development stage and the preliminary demonstration test. Not only that, based on Cummins' century-old experience and technical support, Dongfeng Cummins also cooperated with Dongfeng Motor and the supply chain to conduct R&D tests on Guoliu products. After accumulating more than 30,000 hours of bench tests on each platform and accumulating more than 15 million kilometers of actual road tests, the Dongfeng Cummins Sixth Engine was finally put on the market.   

Dongfeng Cummins VPI Director Jiang Guangxun Dongfeng Cummins VPI Director Jiang Guangxun

"The total number of dedicated vehicles and trucks equipped with Dongfeng Cummins Six Engines has been put into operation at the customer's office, reaching 69 units, mainly in Beijing, Henan, Hebei, Zhejiang, Guangdong and other regions." Dongfeng Cummins VPI Director Jiang Guang The news told the China Truck Network reporter that Dongkang's National Six engine products can meet the emission requirements of the National Sixth B, and realize the one-step discharge of the National Sixth.

Yutong sanitation vehicle delivery user matching Dongfeng Cummins 6th engine Yutong sanitation vehicle delivery user matching Dongfeng Cummins 6th engine

Carry out adaptive improvement of product quality technology and upgrade

Jiang also told the China Truck Network reporter that in addition to the continuous investment in the early stage of research and development and testing, after the products were put on the market, the company also carried out tracking feedback to understand the problems encountered during the use of the engine of the National Sixth and to improve the emission standards. At the same time, the product quality has also been synchronized with the technical upgrade.

"This is the natural mission of technical engineers." Indeed, as Jiang said, in response to market demand and user feedback, Dongfeng Cummins has lightly processed engine products based on the products of the National Five, on wire harnesses and power cylinders. Further integration of components such as post-processing systems not only effectively reduces product failure rates, but also facilitates maintenance. In addition, we will re-engineer the technology for the weaker five-phase products to ensure the overall quality of the National Six products, and its power, efficiency, safety, and intelligence are among the leading in the industry.

Dongfeng Cummins Six Engine Dongfeng Cummins Six Engine

The upgrade of emission standards does not mean the increase of fuel consumption. In order to further reduce fuel consumption and improve overall power, Dongfeng Cummins Six Engines are comprehensive in addition to improving closed-loop thermal management, optimizing fuel system and reducing friction in cylinder pistons. In addition to improving fuel efficiency, both power and torque are greatly improved, so that the vehicle can still provide the power of the vehicle while meeting emission standards and reducing fuel consumption.

National Layout Service Network to Win 6

The product is ready, so how can Dongfeng Cummins win the national six with professional services?

Dongfeng Cummins Service Director Liu Jianguo Dongfeng Cummins Service Director Liu Jianguo

"At present, service providers with national six service qualifications in all provinces of the country have achieved 100% full coverage; among them, there are an average of 7 in each province in the key areas of the Blue Sky Defence War, and an average of 5 in other provinces, and The service preparation for a service provider is basically completed.” Dong Jiang Cummins Service Director Liu Jianguo told the China Truck Network reporter that Dongfeng Cummins is currently in tooling rate, standardized maintenance, terminal training, digital application, DPF cleaning equipment layout, training caravan, etc. In terms of the overall layout, we have continuously strengthened and promoted the service of the National Sixth.

According to the China Truck Network reporter, at present, Dongfeng Cummins has 183 service stations, the National Six tools have been put in place, and more than 170 service stations have been trained to obtain the National Six service qualifications. In addition, Dongfeng Cummins has also formed an internal service management and control chain, established three-level service technical support and work processes, and adopted the technical personnel of the Flying Tigers and technical experts to deal with the incurable diseases encountered by the Sixth Product. In the area where the country is implemented, the service will be implemented to ensure the normal operation of the vehicle, and the rapid update of information and the rapid improvement of channel capacity will be done in the unimplemented area.

Service caravan training activities Service caravan training activities

In fact, from this year's service competition, it is not difficult to see that Dongfeng Cummins' imperative to the layout of the country's six services. Different from previous years, this year's service competition focused on the national six, from the preliminaries, regional trials to the finals, from the competition regional settings and time are in perfect harmony with the national six, the most important thing is that at the same time of the competition, this year also joined “Training Caravans” allows for more flexibility and diversity of training for customers and service personnel, and enhances training results through on-site training in “teaching + practice”.

Open new service models and content to promote agile, intelligent and innovative

For this year's service promotion, Mr. Liu described it as “agile, intelligent and innovative”. In order to shorten the service time again, Dongfeng Cummins proposed the “8-hour completion” service this year to assist the “National Six Fast-Repair Mobile Service Platform”. , intelligent system development and digital application products, to carry out active services, especially in the construction services of large teams, to achieve services in the form of preventive maintenance and active intervention.

Cummins Country 6 DPF Cleaning Equipment Cummins Country 6 DPF Cleaning Equipment

In addition to the continuous upgrading of services, the post-processing technology of the Sixth era will be the top priority of the service. Cummins Country 6 DPF cleaning equipment will be on the industry stage as the service node of the Sixth era. At present, the first national six DPF cleaning equipment has been delivered to Beijing Longjin Sunshine Automobile Sales and Service Co., Ltd., and will be delivered in Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Shanghai in the later stage. It is expected to be combined with OEMs, Cummins China and other countries by the end of the year. 22 DPF cleaning equipment will be placed.

In the Sixth era, it is still not enough for Liu to see the internal strength of the service. Different from before, the National Six products will achieve “zero tolerance” for emission standards. Once there is a problem, there will be a speed limit and twist, so driving The training of the staff has become a focus of Dongfeng Cummins service. In addition to the eye-catching product manual and reminder logo, Dongfeng Cummins also uses one-to-one driving training for each driver, and also provides multi-frequency on-site training for large fleet users. In addition, the driver enters the station every time. Maintenance service is also an important opportunity to carry out service training. It can be said that the use of multi-channel and multi-dimensional realization of driver training is everywhere.

Dongfeng Cummins professionals train users

Asked that the channel is clear as water? For Dongfeng Cummins, in the turmoil of the Sixth era, it is a mission to do a good job of products and services. It is also in the mind of the mission, not forgetting the initial heart, and continuing to advance, Dongfeng Cummins’ "expert service, Traveling the world is worthy of the name. Winning the country will also be inevitable!

Reading volume: Source: Chinese network of truck: Guo Elisha

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