On the morning of May 15, the Agricultural Machinery Department of Taicang City, Jiangsu Province held a training course on grain drying technology at the Municipal Agricultural Mechanization Service Center. The person in charge of the food production drying center in the townships and towns of the city and the head of the agricultural machinery in the township More than 60 people participated in the training.

The training was rich in content. First, the head of the Pacific Property Insurance Company (Taicang) introduced the safety hazards and related insurances in the grain drying center and proposed fire prevention measures. Secondly, the municipal grain purchasing department* gave a detailed explanation on the technical standards for grain drying and the policy of grain purchase. * Afterwards, the technicians of the production and management enterprises of the drying equipment reminded the precautions and maintenance of the grain dryer, the technical application of the heat pump heat source and the related maintenance and repair of the dryer. A detailed introduction.

During the training, Nanjing Tongli Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Co., Ltd. was specially invited to describe the process of coal-to-electricity reform in Donglin Village Drying Center, and analyzed the advantages of air source heat pump in energy saving and emission reduction. The city grain dryer information service platform construction enterprise was specially invited to explain the application of the platform.

The successful holding of the training class not only improved the technical level and theoretical level of the person in charge of the city's grain drying center, but also enhanced its awareness of fire prevention, providing technical support for the wheat drying service to be started in the city. "The production has laid the foundation."

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