Common faults of turbine flowmeters and how to solve them:
1) Turbine flowmeters are not suitable for installation in strong vibrations. It is widely known to the application. However, in the case of frequent changes in the magnetic field, the vortex flow sensor will measure the signal output higher than the normal value. Practice has proved that in the field without gas flow, when the vortex flow sensor is in a changing magnetic field, the turbine flow meter sensor will induce an error signal and output when the magnetic field changes. When the change is over, the meter is in a stable magnetic field. The meter will output a normal signal.
2) Coke oven gas has high temperature and high humidity at the time of shipment, so moisture will exist during gas transportation. The gas flow causes the water to oscillate back and forth, thereby forming a pulsating flow. When the vortex flow sensor is in this fluid state, the output data suddenly becomes too small to reflect the production status.
3) Since the coke oven gas is rich in impurities, it is easy to crystallize, and impurities are condensed on the sensing head, thereby causing measurement misalignment. When the temperature rises, the impurities volatilize, the sensitivity increases, and the signal increases; on the contrary, it decreases. This causes data instability.
4) During the wiring process of the instrument, the pressure line is not real, which causes the signal to be intermittent during transmission.
5) The instrument grounding wire does not meet the specification requirements, so that the 50Hz interference in the strong electricity enters. When the normal signal is higher than 50Hz, the normal signal is output, otherwise the error signal is output.
1) During the installation and connection process of the instrument, ensure that each link is accurate, including the inspection of the site before installation, the wiring of the instrument during the installation process, the grounding line of the system, etc., to ensure the authenticity is detected. Data and accurate output.
2) For the running metering system, the method of “two-track metering control engineering network copyright, comparison confirmation” and “alternative method” can be used to confirm and eliminate the fault of the meter in operation.
3) Periodically clean the meter as a whole, and if necessary, purge the sensor head part of the meter to avoid condensation of impurities at the sensor head. In the cold season, the addition of a heat tracing device to the metering straight pipe section and the meter section is also advantageous for alleviating the condensation of impurities at the metering gauge.
4) Drain the pipeline regularly, especially the water before the straight pipe section. Set the special person to discharge regularly according to the specific conditions, reduce the moisture in the measuring pipe section as much as possible, and eliminate the pulsation in the fluid to the utmost extent.
5) Strengthen the management of the metering system data of the turbine flowmeter, set the timing printing function, and analyze the operation of the meter according to the printing data combined with the production status.

Screen Printing Machine:

Our Silk Screen Printing Machine is a kind of syringe printing machines. It is used to print the scale line and logo on the syringe barrel. There are two types for our syringe silk screen Printing Machine, one is QZ-216 with vibrate feeder and the other is QZ-226 with centrifugal feeder. Both can print different syringe sizes on one machine by changing its screen version and adjusting the machine accordingly.

Technical Parameter:

Name: Syringe Silk Screen Printing Machine

Dimension: 4600*1200*2050mm

Weight: 600kg

Production Speed: 120 pieces/minute

Silk screen printing machineSilk screen printing machine-1



1. Are you a manufacturer?

Yes, we are the professional manufacturer set up in 1992, located at a beautiful town of Zhejiang Province.

2. Can you provide the oversea service?

Yes, after the machines arrive at your factory, we will arrange engineers go to install the machine and train your operators.

3. Can we visit your factory?

Of course. We highly welcome clients come to visit our factory. It will be our great honor to meet you.

4. How can you guarantee the quality?

100% qualified products before the delivery. The clients can inspect the products at our factory.

1 year warranty ( failure caused by machine quality ) from the equipment arrive at the client`s factory. Lifetime maintenance and offer for the spare parts.

Screen Printing Machine

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