According to the latest report of the "Nihon Keizai Shimbun" website, as the prices of global resource products have continued to rise sharply, the recycled materials industry has attracted the attention of all walks of life in Japan not only in the sense of environmental protection but also in cost competitiveness.
According to reports, major manufacturers in the Japanese motor industry will officially and comprehensively recycle waste raw materials. Mitsui Metals and Nippon Mining Metals will further strengthen the recycling of rare metals such as cobalt; Sony and Hitachi will also increase the use of recycled resins in home appliances.
The famous materials company Teijin Group plans to use chemical decomposition to reduce the use of polyester fiber materials in used clothes to reduce the need to synthesize such materials from costly petrochemical feedstocks. The group hopes to fully complete the reuse of polyester fiber in used clothing before fiscal year 2011.
At present, Teijin Group produces approximately 50,000 tons of polyester long fibers per year in Japan. In order to meet the demand, the company will increase investment, expand the production equipment of its subsidiary renewable raw material plants, and substantially increase the production capacity of recycled materials.

6203, the bearing is a kind of Deep Groove Ball Bearing, 6 represents the category of the type, 2 represents the bearing width level (2 belongs to the light load series), 03 represents the bearing diameter (03 is 17MM, 03 above, each adds a number, for example 0405, the internal diameter method is 04*5=20MM 05*5=25MM, that is 6205 internal diameter is 25MM).


6203 Bearing

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