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Abstract Ankerui residual current electrical fire monitoring system conducts electrical fire monitoring of low voltage distribution systems in shopping malls, hotels, airports, banks, hospitals, and factories through ARCM residual current electrical fire monitoring devices or digital residual current transformers. . This article focuses on the functions and significance of the Acrel-6000 electrical fire monitoring system through the introduction of the Chenjiazhen electrical fire monitoring system project.

Keywords: electrical fire detector electrical fire monitoring system Rizhao Municipal Party School Ankerui


* The new school of Rizhao Municipal Party School was officially started construction in December 2010. It is located in the east section of Liaocheng Road and No. 1 Party School Street (to the south of Shanhai Road and east of Bowen Road). It was commissioned in December 2012 and has a total land area of ​​132.7 acres. The building area is about 60,000 square meters.

System Requirements Analysis

Detection of leakage current, over current and other signals, sound and light signal alarm, accurately report the fault line address, monitor the changes in the point of failure. Store various fault and operation test signals to show system power status.


The system complies with the People's Republic of China national standard GB14287.1-2005 "Electrical fire monitoring system Part 1: Electrical fire monitoring equipment."

system structure

Acrel- 6 000 electrical fire monitoring system is a company independently researched and developed for receiving residual current type electrical fire detectors and other field equipment signals to realize the alarm, monitoring, control, and management of the protected electrical circuits running in the computer industry. Level hardware/software system. This system is applied to fire control centers in large shopping malls, living quarters, production bases, office buildings, shopping malls and hotels, and remotely measures, remotely adjusts, remotely controls, and remotely detects the detectors scattered in buildings to facilitate monitoring and management. The system uses a standard Modbus field bus to connect detectors with communication functions. When the detected parameters in the field protection circuit exceed the alarm setting value, it can send alarm signals, control signals, can indicate alarm locations and save alarms. information.

There are a total of 30 ARCM300-J1 electrical fire detectors on the site of the Rizhao Municipal Party School Project, which are distributed in the main building and the conference center. The on-site electrical fire detectors are bus-connected to the Acrel-6000 wall-mounted electrical fire monitoring system. This system has the advantages of convenient installation and transportation, high cost performance, and easy maintenance.

The main equipment of Acrel- 6 000 electrical fire monitoring system is as follows:

Touch screen: TPC1062K
I/O module: Built-in remote intelligent I/O module
Sound and light alarm: Built-in buzzer, LED indicator

Backup power supply: Built-in 500VA long-term UPS

Host panel component layout and function description

1: Alarm indicator (red), the indicator lights up when the system receives the monitoring alarm signal.

2: Fault indicator (yellow), the indicator lights up when the system receives a fault alarm signal.

3: Running indicator (green). The indicator is on when the system is operating normally.

The distribution of this system mainly uses a computer distribution network structure.

1) Station control management

Station management The management personnel of the electrical fire monitoring system are the direct windows of human-computer interaction and the top part of the system. Mainly by the system software and necessary hardware equipment, such as TPC1062K, micro-printer, UPS power supply and other components. The monitoring system software has a good human-computer interaction interface, calculates, analyzes, and processes various types of data on the site, and responds to on-site operations with graphics, digital displays, sounds, and indicators.

Monitoring host: used for data acquisition, processing and data forwarding. Provides data interfaces within or outside the system for system management, maintenance, and analysis.

Printer: System calls to print or automatically print graphics, reports, alarm records, etc.

UPS: Ensure the normal power supply of the computer monitoring system. When the power supply problem occurs in the entire system, ensure the normal operation of the station control and management equipment.

2) Network communication layer

Communication medium: The system mainly adopts shielded twisted pair, uses RS485 interface, MODBUS communication protocol to achieve real-time communication between the field device and the host computer.

3) Field device layer

The field device layer is a data acquisition terminal and is mainly an ARCM300 type electrical fire detector. Can monitor single-channel leakage current, each channel has a disconnection, short-circuit detection function; has an event storage function, alarm can record the time, type, parameters of the alarm occurred, according to the alarm record can analyze the scene of the electricity situation, to eliminate the fault Provide the basis; Adopt the field bus communication technology, upper computer management software can monitor the scene's operation situation at any time, discover the alarm information in time. The standard MODBUS protocol can be connected to various standard systems; it has a high degree of integration, networking, a high degree of intelligence, and reasonable operating characteristics .

The distributed I/O controller connected to the fieldbus forms a data acquisition terminal and uploads the collected data to the data center. The measuring instruments are responsible for the most basic data collection tasks. The data they monitor must be complete, accurate and transmitted to the monitoring host in real time. It facilitates the operation personnel to monitor the status of field equipment operation, fault alarms, etc. to effectively prevent the occurrence of fire accidents.

3 system function

This set of PC software Acrel- 6 000 electrical fire monitoring system. Mainly have the following features: a friendly man-machine interface, real-time and regular collection of the residual current data of the field device, and alarm sound and light alarm functions. The customer can set the leakage current alarm value according to the actual needs. When the alarm fault is removed, it can be reset remotely. The system can record alarm events, dates, alarm values, and over-line values ​​and generate reports that can print alarm event records.

1) Data Acquisition and Display

The on-site AKH-0.66L acquisition data is uploaded to this interface. The customer can modify the circuit name as required. The corresponding value of the residual current in the cabinet can be displayed in the grid and the data can be updated periodically. When the measured value of the residual current is greater than the alarm setting, the system alarm status indicator will flash automatically. The alarm prompt scroll bar at the bottom of the interface will automatically prompt the name of the alarm loop, which is convenient for operators to check and handle the fault.

2) Parameter setting and reset

This interface mainly realizes the remote adjustment function. The operating personnel can query the alarm value of the residual current in the corresponding circuit in the parameter setting report, and set the alarm value of the residual current crossing line according to the actual needs of the site. At the same time, the alarm instrument can be reset remotely. When the fault alarm is released, press the reset key to perform remote reset to facilitate the use of the user.

3) Alarm record

With the event storage function, the alarm can record the time, type, parameter and alarm value of the alarm . According to the alarm record, it can analyze the cause of the fault and provide the basis for eliminating the fault. The alarm record can be printed.

4 Conclusion

With the development of smart buildings and the widespread use of electricity, people have become more aware of security awareness. The installation of leakage current fire system in public buildings is an inevitable trend of intelligent construction. The electrical fire system is conducive to discovering hidden dangers and dealing with safety hazards in a timely manner. It is of great significance to prevent fires from occurring. Since the system was put into operation, more than 100 hidden dangers have been discovered and rectified, providing scientific basis for the project's fire control management and receiving favorable comments from customers.


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