Zhuge Liang had been in the "History and Military Commander's History and Participation in the Army," said: "If you are a volunteer, you must gather people and think about it. Guangzhongyiye." Under the battle of the city, brainstorming is probably the smartest "shortcut."

On February 17th, the “Future, Innovation and Drive the Future” theme of the Futian Light Commercial Vehicles 2017 strategic media communication conference and the media innovation club was held at the Taishan Hotel in Beijing. For Futian Light Commercial Vehicles, which are always striving for innovation and striving for excellence, although the establishment of the “Media Innovation Society” is only a footprint in its journey of innovation, it is possible to “keep listening to the truth” and openly embrace good ideas and bring together the odd industry. Thinking happily, it will undoubtedly greatly contribute to its competitive growth in the light commercial vehicle market and challenge the future with a clearer strategy.

Innovation leads to great success

Innovation-driven development is a major national strategy. It is also an important strategy for Foton Motor to lead the development of the industry and meet challenges and opportunities. As the core business of Foton Motors, Foton Light Commercial Vehicle has continued to integrate innovation in the past two years.

From 2015 to 2016, Foton's light commercial vehicle business was integrated and optimized in terms of product platform, organization, and operational resource integration, providing a new platform and a new starting point for the further development of the business. Among them, the commercial vehicle business is based on the VI and K1 two product platforms, and the strategic product, Tuyannuo, achieved market breakthroughs, landscape products achieved structural adjustments, and the commercialization of products accelerated; Aoling's newly developed replacement products, Ao Ling CTS Super The light trucks have been successfully marketed after careful planning, and the sales volume of Olympic Bell CTX products has increased significantly.

At the end of 2016, V3 V3 platform landscape V3/V5 and Ao Ling T3 micro-card business were added to light commercial vehicles. Commercial vehicles were centered on European VAN Foton Tuyano, covering large and medium-sized VAN markets; Foton Aoling realized light trucks and micro cards. Full coverage of the market, light commercial vehicle business ushered in a new opportunity for development.

In order to fully enhance the market competitiveness of the light commercial vehicle business, Foton Motor will strategically layout light trucks, micro-cards and VAN business product platforms, and smart factories to promote the upgrading of vehicle quality and promote product structure adjustment. The Foton Motors Shandong Super Truck Smart Plant has been put into production. The production base is located in Zhucheng, Shandong Province. Construction started in July 2015 and production started in batches in October 2016. The project budget investment is about 654 million yuan. The total construction area of ​​the project is approximately 71,000 ,. The factory adheres to the zero-emissions, contactless, and automated planning and design concept, achieving high-efficiency, energy-saving, environmental protection, and intelligent production. Only the welding workshop is equipped with 14 German KUKA robots and the Swedish ABB robot 26 Taiwan, welding equipment 114 units, to fully guarantee the quality of the Ao Ling CTS super light truck manufacturing quality.

Two years ahead of integration, a long road to innovation. So far, Foton Light Commercial Vehicles has formed three competitive advantages with products, distribution and manufacturing as the core, namely, product platform upgrades, distribution scale advantages, and intelligent manufacturing, laying a solid foundation for Futian Ao Ling and Foton Tuyano's future market promotion. Foundation.

The leading position in the industry

Fengju Yunshu, laughing and seeing the clouds off. Each innovative work of Foton Light Commercial Vehicles is characterized by high technology, high quality and high quality.

Dengtaishan and Ling is extremely top, in order to further consolidate the market position, deepen the subdivision market, the 2017 Futian light commercial vehicle business will continue to be the innovation strong tone. Under the strategic plan of Foton Light Commercial Vehicles, the Olympic Bell brand has selected Olling CTS/TS super light trucks, Aoling CTX/TX and MRT light trucks, and Olling T3's six product lines to further differentiate its market and highlight the Olympics. Bell's leading technology advantage in domestic high-end light truck industry. At the same time, after years of market accumulation, Foton Commercial Vehicles, which are driven by the Tuyanuo products of the head of the country’s national vehicle, have shown strong market vitality. Among them, the strategic product of the German company Big VAN Tuyano interprets urban business with quality and value, and combines Fukuda Landscape and Mongolian Parker to build a product system that covers Japanese and European-based VAN's “big business” and strives to reshape The new pattern of domestic business car market.

In 2017, Foton Light Commercial Vehicles set an annual sales target of 154,200 units. Among them, the Olling brand annual target of 113,000 units, an increase of 28.2%, Olympian T3 micro-card 30,000 units to achieve market breakthrough; Ao Ling CTS \ TS reached 22,500 units, to strengthen the proportion of high-end products, to further stabilize Futian Austria Bell is in the leading position in the mid- to high-end light truck market; the annual target for commercial vehicles is 41,200 units, an increase of 29.2% year-on-year. Tuyiano sales have broken ten thousand, continuing to lead the development of China's high-end light passengers with the image of a “green country car” and becoming a major European player. The strongest contenders for VAN, the landscape G7/G9 reached 14,400 units, and the new business landscape V3/V5 small VAN reached 10,000 units, achieving further adjustment of the product structure.

Branding "Media Innovation Society" should be born

Innovation breakthroughs are both measures and results. Each step taken by the Foton light commercial vehicle to hold high the banner of innovation is not only the best witness for transformation and upgrading, but also the best interpretation of integrated performance, and it is the highlight of the future blueprint. This time, the Foton light commercial vehicle business unit initiated the "Media Innovation Society" to exchange wisdom in the industry and once again sounded innovative practices. Since then, Foton Light Commercial Vehicles, together with think tanks formed by numerous media friends, have welcomed the opportunities and challenges of the wave of supply-side reform, and have taken steps to build an “integrated ecosystem” covering cities, urban and rural areas, suburban logistics, and urban commerce. Solid steps are taken together to promote the transformation and upgrading of China's light card and commercial vehicle markets, and jointly promote the prosperity of the market.

After continuous business integration, Foton Light Commercial Vehicles has now formed an “Olympian leader system” that covers medium and high-end light trucks and micro cards, and a “Commercial Auto Business” system covering large, medium, and small VAN markets. Olling brand industry leader status further consolidated, and commercial vehicle brands accelerated their entry into the industry-leading camp. We believe that Futian Light Commercial Vehicles will surely win more quality praises and better market information on the basis of actively implementing the national development concept of “innovation, green, coordination, opening, and sharing”.

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