[Chinese instrument network meter patent] creative limit, instrumentation invention. Today, we introduced a national invention-issued patent - a valve-controlled smart water meter with positive and negative metering capabilities and electromechanical separation. The patent was applied for by Hunan Changde Brand Water Meter Manufacturing Co., Ltd., and was authorized to be announced on January 4, 2016.

Description of the Invention The utility model relates to a novel electromechanical combined intelligent water meter, and more particularly to a valve-controlled intelligent water meter with positive and negative metering functions and an electromechanical separation type.

BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION Current electromechanical combined smart water meters mostly use built-in sensor counting. The sensor is placed in the body with a valve body, and the valve-controlled motor is mounted on a plastic bottom box that is fixed to the body of the body with the valve. In the case of a fault, both the valve base table and the electronic part need to be dismantled for maintenance and replacement. In addition, the mechanical signal is sampled and is single magnetic induction or dual magnetic induction. The signal conversion principle is in the band. A magnetic pointer is mounted on a gear in the body of the valve body. When the magnetic pointer rotates one circle, the built-in sensor acquires one or a pair of pulse switch signals, and is transmitted to the electronic measurement module through the signal line to accumulate and calculate the water passing through the water meter. volume. This sampling method can not identify the direction of water flow, so whether the water meter is forward or reverse, the electronic measurement module will determine the signal it has collected as a valid signal to accumulate. When there is a reverse situation, the mechanical water meter is a negative measurement. If the electronic measurement part is still positive, it will cause electromechanical errors, ie, the electromechanical readings are inconsistent, and the error is twice the reverse use of the water meter. The more the water meter is used in reverse, the greater the electromechanical error, and this will give data management Will bring a lot of trouble.

SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION In order to overcome the shortcomings of current maintenance of electromechanical combined smart water meters and inconsistent mechanical and electrical readings, the purpose of the present invention is to provide an electromechanically separated valve-controlled smart water meter and a method capable of positive and negative metering.

The picture shows the sensor induction method
The electromechanically separated valve-controlled smart water meter is characterized in that the electronic part is completely separated from the body of the valve-mounted meter, the external sensor is fixed on the plastic part of the electronic part, and the outer sensor is arranged in a 3-divided circle. In the three groups of magnetic induction devices, the circumference of the magnetic induction device corresponds to the circumference of the transmitting magnetic steel on the magnetic pointer with the valve body. The electronic part is encapsulated in a plastic structure.

The principle of the utility model is to obtain a pulse signal through a magnetic induction device on a magnetic induction trigger sensor on a magnetic pointer in a valve control base table. For example, three magnetic induction devices are used, and three magnetic induction devices are used, which are respectively A , B, C, in the magnetic pointer rotation process, the three groups of magnetic induction device is triggered there will be a corresponding sequential: A magnetic induction device is triggered as a starting point, when the water meter is transmitting, the magnetic pointer clockwise rotation This magnetic induction device is triggered by the sequence of A→B→C→A→B→C... In turn, when the water meter reverses, the magnetic pointer rotates counterclockwise, so that the magnetic induction device is A→C→B→A→ The sequential cycle of C→B... is triggered in turn, so that the electronic measurement module has the basis for direction analysis, and can identify the direction and then obtain the positive and negative amount of water; when the pointer is between two magnetic induction devices. Turning back and forth, that is, shaking state, and not meeting a cycle trigger, after the electronic measurement module analyzes it, it will not calculate the output signal cumulatively, and when some two or three When the sensing device is triggered at the same time, the electronic measurement module will respond to it, identify it as a fault condition to close the valve, and prevent the occurrence of interference or failure to cause the valve base table to use water and the electronic measurement module does not count. Its electromechanical reading is consistent.

The advantages of the utility model are as follows: 1. The method of completely separating the valve-controlled base meter from the electronic part, the electronic part is pre-assembled in the plastic structural part, and is performed simultaneously with the valve base table in the production, and finally only the two parts are required to be screwed. It can be locked and fixed; in this way, when the water meter is in use, it only needs to analyze whether it is an electronic part or the valve base table part is faulty, and the maintenance and replacement are performed selectively. There is an ordinary electromechanical combined valve-controlled intelligent water meter. No matter which part is faulty, it needs to be dismantled and repaired on the whole table, which will greatly save costs in production and use costs. 2. Due to the sequential installation of magnetic induction devices, a positive and negative reversal of water can be obtained to ensure that the electromechanical readings can be completely consistent.

For more information, please download the full specification of the patent.

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