Food security is closely related to the public’s life safety, and people’s concern for food security is also very high. However, the current food industry can only take a green and healthy development path for sustainable and long-term development. Therefore, in order to respond to the needs of green food development, the A number of new technologies have been applied to improve the safety of food production. The most representative of these is the use of portable heavy metal detectors to detect heavy metals in the soil. By testing the soil, improving the soil, and starting from the source, the green food age can be helped. Open.

Portable heavy metal detector

Although the cause of food pollution is complex, it is related to environmental pollution, high background soil, abnormal climate, breed selection, inappropriate use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, etc. However, soil as the basis for food production deserves special attention. As a result of non-standard production, it has caused serious application to the soil quality. For example, if the content of heavy metals in the soil exceeds the standard, if we continue to grow grain on this kind of land, not only the production of green grain will not be realized, but such grain flowing into the market will also endanger public safety. Therefore, at the current stage, the use of portable heavy metal detectors to detect arable land soil can further strengthen the control of soil pollution, increase inspection efforts, timely access to food pollution dynamic information, and greatly control the situation of China's food heavy metal pollution, jointly open security without Polluted green food era.
The portable heavy metal detector has the advantages of rapid analysis, simple sample preparation, small size, and easy use. It is very convenient for carrying out field soil testing in the field. Therefore, its application will help realize the comprehensive development of soil testing in various regions. Adopt more rigorous and scientific measures to deal with the problem of heavy metal pollution in soil, explore the “couple” of post-remediation and treatment of heavy metal-contaminated cultivated land, comprehensively promote soil improvement work, and help open the era of true green food.

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