The third-generation metal tube float flowmeter was developed by Changzhou Chengfeng, and it has advantages such as high accuracy, good repeatability, and small service compared with the traditional metal tube rotor flowmeter. It consists of a measuring tube and a local indicator. 5 patents.

When selecting a metal tube rotor flowmeter , it is first necessary to understand the product standards implemented by the manufacturer of metal tube and rotor flowmeters, and in particular, there are provisions for displaying scales in terms of accuracy, and the second is to understand the manufacturing and technical level of products. At the same time, it is necessary to combine the process requirements in flow measurement, especially in the cases where the measurement or control requires high precision, intuitive scale display, and high viscosity of the medium, the media flow can be directly displayed with density and viscosity compensation performance. Metal tube rotor flowmeter. Because the scale conversion and verification is done according to the media condition. Select the appropriate measuring part material.

Generally choose the material with good corrosion resistance. Only by ensuring that the float and the measuring components are not corroded by the medium for a long time, can they ensure the long-term precision of the product when shipped from the factory. The normal working flow is less than 50% of the range, so that the absolute error at the measuring point increases, which is not conducive to control accuracy.

This is especially important for manufacturing companies that have density and viscosity correction capabilities. Because the difference in density or viscosity will directly affect the calibration of the flow calibration. For flowmeters that directly display the scale of water or air flow under the calibration conditions, manufacturers may be required to provide calibration data and flowmeter certificates. When the instruments are actually used, the density must be manually calculated based on these calibration data and calculations. Corrected. For metal tube rotameters that require control functions, products with communication capabilities should be used as far as possible. When the media condition changes, the communication function of the product can be utilized to adjust the signal on site to ensure the product accuracy to the maximum extent. Conditional users may re-inspect the instrument according to the flow calculations and calibration records provided by the flowmeter manufacturer.

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