Talk about dry test transformer operation method?
1, connected to the operation box (Taiwan) power indicator light.
2. Press the start button, and the running indicator light is on (otherwise, that is, the pressure regulator is not in the zero position, please turn the pressure regulator hand wheel counterclockwise to zero), indicating that the test operation can be performed.
3. Turn the pressure regulator hand wheel clockwise to make the adjustment speed better than 2KV/S. Watch the high voltage meter rise to the required voltage value. If the sample is tested during the boosting process, it will cause a breakdown short circuit and overcurrent. Overcurrent relay action, automatically cut off the power.
4. If the test requires over-current control, prior to operation, the over-current relay shall be adjusted to the current value of the power supply required for the test. During operation, the current relay will be over-current protected according to the test requirements.
5, while monitoring the high-voltage meter, can be used in the instrument side plus 0.5 voltage meter monitoring.
Test transformer media classification summary features:
Oil-immersed high-voltage test transformer: large capacity, low price, easy maintenance, mainstream products.
Inflatable high voltage test transformer: arc extinguishing, light weight. Dry high-voltage test transformer: light weight, light weight, can be put down, expensive.
String-excited high-voltage test transformers: Small capacity, low voltage, light weight, easy to transport and install.
Insulated barrel high voltage test transformer complete set of equipment, strong voltage range, complete functions
Inverter series parallel resonant high voltage test transformer is widely used in electric power, metallurgy, petroleum, chemical, and other industries, suitable for high-capacity, high-voltage capacitive test products
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