In October 2003, Dongfeng Motor Co. launched the "Dongfeng fourth-generation heavy-duty commercial vehicle research and development" strategic project, based on meeting the needs of the domestic market, and at the same time possessing the technological level of entering the international market, and building a "high-end heavy commercial vehicle platform."

The project lasted for three years and more than 3,000 technicians participated in the development of the project. Through the development of new heavy-duty engines, cabs, and electrical and electronic networks, Dongfeng Motor’s heavy-duty vehicle technology has been fully enhanced. Developed a series of products including semi-trailer tractors, trucks, dump trucks, cement mixers and special vehicle chassis, with a total of 182 varieties. In the three-year period, a brand new heavy-duty commercial vehicle product platform was established, and a 100,000-unit/year vehicle industrialization capability was formed.

Through the development of the fourth-generation heavy-duty commercial vehicle, Dongfeng Motor Company has developed an 11-liter heavy-duty diesel engine with independent intellectual property rights and the related supporting system industrialization construction. On this engine, the current international mainstream four-valve low-eddy current cylinder head technology was applied, and high-pressure common-rail fuel injection was used to optimize the combustion system. After the third-party technical appraisal, the minimum fuel consumption rate of Dongfeng 11 litre heavy-duty diesel engine is 190g/kW.h, which has reached the domestic leading level.

The fourth-generation heavy-duty commercial vehicle project was identified by the expert group of Hubei Provincial Science and Technology Department: it has reached the leading domestic level in terms of vehicle safety, driving comfort, interior noise, vehicle reliability, etc., and it is widely used in fuel economy and parts. The rate of development, development cycle, and design cost control have reached the international advanced level. In the development process of this project, a large number of new structures and new technologies were adopted. Especially in the core technologies of heavy-duty diesel engine technology, vehicle electronic and electrical network technology, ABS/ASR, etc., the technology blockade and monopoly of foreign companies were broken through and major breakthroughs were made.

The fourth-generation heavy-duty commercial vehicle development project of Dongfeng has achieved a total sales volume of 110,600 units within three years of operation and an increase of 30.435 billion yuan in output value. A tax of 913 million yuan was created, and after-tax profit was 1.217 billion yuan. The model of the project is to replace imported cars in the hands of some users in the fields of port traction, inter-provincial long-distance high-speed logistics, concrete mixing, and engineering transportation. Occupy the high-end monopoly market of imported products.

In overseas markets, Dongfeng's fourth-generation heavy commercial vehicle products have been exported to Russia, Iran, Vietnam, Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Chile, South Africa, Malaysia, Pakistan and other 10 countries. During the three-year period from 2007 to 2009, the total export volume of Dongfeng’s fourth-generation heavy-duty commercial vehicles was 14,654 units, with a total output value of US$650 million. And established a KD production line overseas.

Dongfeng's new generation of heavy-duty commercial vehicles is fully matched with the newly developed 2.4m heavy-duty cab. This series of cabs includes three series: standard type, standard extended type, high top and double top. It adopts a regional energy-absorbing structure and has developed and applied patented technologies such as door bumper, double-layer bumper, and full-vision rearview mirror. After being identified by the Hubei Science and Technology Department Committee, safety is at the leading level in China. The CFD simulation analysis method was used to optimize the wind resistance. The wind resistance coefficient of the vehicle's standard top cab in the fourth generation of Dongfeng was as low as 0.535. The third-party test report and identification have reached the international advanced level.

The project vehicle model developed through the independent development of VECU (electronic vehicle control unit) as the main control unit commercial vehicle vehicle electronic network (a domestic initiative), to achieve the vehicle's electronic control system optimization and integration, EECU (engine electronic control unit) , ABS/ASR (Brake Antilock/Driver Safety), AMT (Mechanical Automatic Transmission) and other system integration controls have enhanced the flexibility and development efficiency of deformed product development, and facilitate the control of the vehicle's proprietary technology. Protection of independent intellectual property rights. It also provides users with more value-added services such as fleet management and telecommunications.

This project has developed a commercial vehicle ABS/ASR system with independent intellectual property rights. The commercialization of the Dongfeng commercial vehicle ABS/ASR system broke through the long-term technical blockade and monopoly of foreign companies and reduced the cost per vehicle by RMB 3,000. The end of the history of imported products monopolizing the ABS/ASR market of domestic heavy vehicles and earning high profits. Its technology is at the international advanced level.

This project develops and applies new materials such as automotive high-strength steel plates and aluminum alloys, and uses lightweight technologies such as topology optimization to reduce the vehicle's weight by 15%.

During the development of this project, a large number of original technological achievements have been accumulated. A total of 22 invention patents and 204 utility model patents have been obtained, forming a full set of specifications for the development of heavy-duty vehicles and proprietary technologies.

The DFL4181A1 model of the fourth-generation heavy-duty commercial vehicle, with 70km/h constant fuel consumption as low as 26.5L/100km, won the title of “the most fuel-efficient model” in the 2006 “China International Truck Fuel Contest”. Dongfeng 11 litre diesel engine won the "most fuel-efficient engine" award. The fourth-generation heavy-duty commercial vehicle has a noise level of only 68 decibels, which is the leading domestic level and the vehicle has a life expectancy of 1 million kilometers.

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