Hebei Hengshui cracked down on many rogue cases of fraud as a suspect for the township deputies diesel generator | diesel generators price / 2010-08-30

The Public Security Bureau of Development Zone of Hengshui City, Hebei Province, revealed today that the bureau has cracked down on more than one million cases of rogues and frauds. One of the suspects was the deputy of the People's Congress of a town in Shandong Province and the secretary of the village Party branch.
The Public Security Bureau of Hengshui Development Zone stated that in the near future in Hebei and Shandong provinces, the use of empty containers to negotiate the need of the owner or the picking station to take away the owner’s goods and fraudulently sold fraud cases often occur. There were 70,000 yuan and none of the cases had been cracked before.
According to Yu Junchao, the deputy squadron leader of the Interpol 2nd squadron of the Bureau, there is a detail in the case: the time of the crime was in the morning, and the fraudster arrived at the victim an hour later. It is inferred that the liar is likely to be in downtown Hengshui. As a result, the police conducted a focused investigation of hotels and guesthouses in Hengshui and found that a man with a high surname in Shandong had stayed in the urban area. He was a three-person delegation with suspicious behavior and the time for committing the crime coincided. The police immediately pursued the Internet and went to Jining City and Heze City for investigation and evidence collection.
On August 17th, Hengshui Police tracked Cao County in Shandong and successfully captured three people who wanted to be deceived in Xuzhou, Jiangsu, in a hotel. At the same time, the company seized a red heavy truck, a fake license plate number 6, fake identification cards, driver's licenses, and a number of driving licenses, and three bank cards used to deliver after being defrauded.
According to police officers handling the case, the three suspects were named Gao, Cheng, and Liu, all of whom were from Shandong. Among them, Gao Mou is also the representative of the township people's congress and the party branch secretary of the village. Previously, the three had also been active in Guangdong, Henan, Shaanxi, and other provinces. The number of cases involved has increased to 10, and the amount involved has reached nearly one million. With the feedback of information, this number may increase.
As of now, the suspect has been escorted back to Hengshui and the case is under further investigation.
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