The first China International Forum on Small Wind Turbines and Trade Fair will soon hold the first China International Forum on Small Wind Turbines and Trade Fairs. Theme: Let Small Wind Power Go into Millions of Households February 24-25, 2011 Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics
Beijing Leading Consulting Co., Ltd. Co-organized by Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics:
North China Electric Power University "wind energy equipment" magazine support unit:
Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Cooperation Organization (REEEP)
American Solar Energy Association Small Wind Energy Division British Micro Power Council Australian Small Wind Energy Association British Small Wind Energy Association Meeting Background:

In 2009, global sales of small wind turbines reached 42.5 MW, an increase of 10% from 2008, and sales revenue was nearly 200 million US dollars. From the US market to the end of 2013, the installed capacity of small wind turbines will reach 1,700 megawatts, and by 2020, it may reach 14,0000 megawatts. The small wind turbine market in countries such as the United Kingdom and Canada is also maintaining rapid growth. Small wind turbines will usher in a broad market prospect as an effective distributed power generation solution. In order to promote exchanges and cooperation between Chinese small wind turbine related organizations and foreign small wind turbine manufacturers, R&D institutes and distributors, the member of the World Wind Energy Association Beijing Leads Consulting Co., Ltd. and Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics will co-host the first Chinese small wind power. Generator International Forum and Fair, North China Electric Power University and Wind Energy Equipment will co-organize the event.
This grand event is an international exchange platform for exchanging information, establishing cooperation and expanding horizons, and is a grand event for fans in the small fan industry. The development prospect of small wind turbines is an important way to achieve energy conservation and emission reduction and promote the development of low-carbon economy. Small wind turbines allow wind energy to reach thousands of households. Let us gather at the first China International Forum and Trade Fair for Small Wind Turbines to work together and join hands to "let small wind power enter into millions of households."
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Global Times

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100-150 participants are invited to invite representatives:

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