ZCM solenoid valve is suitable for city gas, liquefied petroleum gas, natural gas and other gases for the heating of the combustion medium pipeline to do two on-off switching, temperature control of the implementing agencies. It is widely used in the textile industry, the printing industry, gas heat setting and glass, light bulbs furnace heating and other industries gas heating automatic control system. The working principle of normally closed type valve DNl5-50 is a direct-acting low-pressure solenoid valve open the valve, DN65-300 is the second open pilot solenoid valve. Direct-acting solenoid valve to accept the electrical signal, the electromagnetic force directly lift the valve plug, the media circulation; power, the electromagnetic force disappears, the valve plug in the gravity and spring force for the next drop, the media flow. Pilot solenoid valve to accept the electrical signal, the armature in the electromagnetic force under the action of the first deputy to promote the valve plug to catch the main valve diaphragm flow through the deputy valve, reducing the pressure on the main valve diaphragm, when the Lord When the pressure on the diaphragm is reduced to a certain value, the armature will drive the main valve diaphragm and make use of the pressure difference to open the main valve and the medium will flow. After the coil is de-energized, the electromagnetic force will disappear and the armature will be reset due to its own weight, , The main valve to close. Normally open valve application of a unique direct-acting structure, when the coil to the solenoid energized, located in the coil around the static iron core assembly will produce magnetic, magnetic force to overcome the stem assembly gravity and spring back to the moving core together The valve stem assembly is sucked up, so that the valve disc and the valve seat fixedly connected to the valve stem assembly are closely and tightly sealed and the valve is closed; after the power is cut off, the valve disc restores the original force by the weight of the return spring and the valve stem assembly Bit, the valve is open, the pipeline returned to normal ventilation.

The 1 Boom Drilling Rig is the main drilling equipment in the underground hard rock mine.
Manipulator drilling rig with high level of automation and computerization is not very attractive to mine.
The mine hopes to use the trolley with compact structure, flexible movement, high reliability, high efficiency and high accuracy.
Small enough to enter the shaft through a small section
Maneuverable and flexible enough to walk in winding and inclined passages
The versatility can be used to drill hole, bolt hole and cut hole in all directions.
In recent years, several major rock drilling equipment manufacturers in the world, in order to meet the requirements of mechanized mining of thin ore bodies, have successively developed a variety of small rock drills with high power, which can be used to complete the rock drilling operations that could only be completed by pneumatic drill, so as to significantly improve the efficiency of rock drilling and reduce ore dilution rate.

Hydraulic drilling jumbo is mainly used for tunneling construction in metal mine and other underground engineering. One drilling boom, advanced hydraulic rock drilling system and anti-jamming mechanism ensure the jumbo rapid drilling speed and high efficiency. This jumbo features of great mobility, short turning radius and strong gradeability, thus can improve working environment and get efficiency, quality development.

Robust universal drilling boom creates ideal face drilling coverage. Automatic parallelism and 360 degree roll-over enable easy, fast and accurate positioning for face drilling, sideway drilling and bolt hole drilling. 

The layout of components provides excellent vision for the operator in drilling and travelling.Powerful and well balanced 4-wheel drive chassis allows the rig to move through limited space and tough terrain in the mines.

Duo-circuit service brake and enclosed multi-disc parking/ emergency brake ensure safety in tramming and on ramp slope. 
Field proven high frequency hydraulic drifter delivers high performance. Trapezoid shaped percussion piston optimizes shock wave transfer efficiency, enhancing penetration and decrease drilling consumables costs. 

Comfortable operator station provides safe working condition. Many automatic features simplified the drilling control and helps the miners to concentrate on fast and accurate drilling. 

All service points are easily accessible, which simplifies daily routine maintenance for this 1 boom drilling rig in rock ore quarry and underground tunnel drilling blasting DTH purpose.

1 Boom Drilling Rig

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