Only ten days after the establishment of the “Central American Electric Vehicle Alliance”, another new energy automobile alliance was established in China. On August 28th, the “International Alliance for Sustainable New Energy” formed by Chinese and foreign companies such as IBM, Eaton USA and Foton Motor was officially unveiled in Beijing. Coupled with the already established new energy vehicles "national team", "industry team" and "local team", there are various signs that the domestic fierce battle in the field of new energy vehicles is about to kick off.

According to reports, there are currently 6 companies participating in the “International Alliance for Sustainable New Energy”, including 3 US companies and 3 Chinese companies. Among them, IBM is responsible for the development of information systems for sustainable transportation networks, the integration and management of smart grids, and the study of sustainable transportation strategies and business models; AECOM is responsible for sustainable transportation infrastructure design and development and project management; Eaton is responsible for the new Energy sustainable transportation vehicle power system, smart grid charging station, battery service/exchange station and battery management business; Foton Motor is responsible for the design and production of new energy vehicles; CITIC Guoan Mengguli is responsible for providing lithium-ion batteries and energy storage systems; Ocean Motor Co., Ltd. is responsible for providing new energy vehicles traction motors and motor control systems.

The "International Alliance for Sustainable New Energy" is the first domestic new energy vehicle alliance to break national and regional constraints. It can be seen as the "international team" of new energy vehicles in China. The “Central American Electric Vehicle Alliance” established on August 18 was called “national team” by the industry. Prior to this, the China Automotive Industry T10 Electric Vehicle Alliance, led by the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers and led by 10 vehicle companies, has formed an “industry team”. The new energy auto industry alliances established in Beijing, Chongqing, Jilin, Jiangsu, Anhui and other places are "local teams."

Insiders pointed out that the establishment of this one after another alliance shows that companies are eager to win the first opportunity in the field of new energy vehicles. As Fu Youwu, executive vice chairman and secretary-general of the China Association of Automobile Engineers, said, this is a battle that cannot be sustained. If the era of electric vehicles arrives, multinational companies may not be well-prepared, they may be eliminated. Out.

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