What should I do if the hammer crusher has a belt rollover?

Hammer crushers are used to break a variety of medium hard and abrasive materials. The compressive strength of the material does not exceed 100 MPa, and the water content is less than 15%. The occurrence of belt rollover in a hammer crusher is a common fault. What is the reason? How to solve it?

1. Describe the wear of the belt and replace the V-belt.

2. Because of the problem of belt conveyor assembly, the pulleys need to be adjusted on the same plane.

What should I do if the hammer crusher is hot?

The following measures should be taken when the hammer crusher bearing heats up:

1, indicating the lack of oil in the bearing, need to refuel in time, of course, too much oil will make the bearing heat, must check the oil level when refueling.

2, the bearing is damaged, it is necessary to replace the bearing in time.

3, the top cover is too tight, to adjust the bolts, the appropriate degree of tightness is appropriate.

What is the size of the hammer crusher?

It is found that the size of the hammer crusher is too large, and the following treatments must be made:

1. Explain that the hammer head is worn out, and the hammer head needs to be freed or replaced.

2. The clearance between the hammer head and the counterattack plate is too large, generally adjusted to 15-20mm.

3. The excessive particle size of the feed will also affect the particle size of the discharge.

What should I do if the vibration is abnormal during a hammer crusher?

The following measures should be taken when the hammer crusher is abnormally vibrating:

1. Explain that the material is too large, you can check the feed size;

2, uneven wear, indicating that the counterattack hammer needs to be replaced;

3. If the foundation is not properly handled, check the anchor bolts and strengthen them.

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