Introduction: We often focus on the overall performance of a precision engraving machine. Then what part of the engraving machine - the frequency converter has requirements for the working environment? What kind of working environment is needed?

The requirement of the working environment for the frequency converter

We often focus on the overall performance of a precision engraving machine. What part of the engraving machine - the frequency converter has requirements for the working environment? Follow Ho's size to see how the working environment required for the engraving machine is:

1. The frequency converter should be installed inside the precision control cabinet.

2. When using frequency converters in dusty places, especially in places with multiple metal dusts and flocs, the overall requirements are that the sculpture machine control cabinet be sealed as a whole and the air inlet and outlet are specially designed for ventilation; the top of the control cabinet should be protected Mesh and protective top cover air outlets; the floor of the engraving machine control cabinet should have bottom plate and air inlet, inlet hole, and install dust net.

3. The minimum distance between the upper and lower edges of the inverter and the top, bottom, or bulkheads of the sculpture machine control cabinet, or the large components that must be installed should be greater than 300mm.

4. The frequency converter is preferably installed in the middle of the precision engraving machine control cabinet; the frequency converter should be erected directly above and below to prevent the installation of large components that may block the exhaust and air intake.

5. If a special user needs to remove the keyboard during use, the keypad hole of the inverter panel must be sealed tightly with tape or replaced with a dummy panel to prevent dust from entering the inverter.

6. In the running of the inverter, the allowable ambient temperature is 0-40°C to avoid direct sunlight. Because there is power loss inside the inverter, the inverter will generate heat during the work process. To control the ambient temperature within the allowable range, an air change device or vent must be installed in the inverter installation cabinet, or even add air conditioning and cooling to force reduction. Ambient temperature.

7. The humidity around the inverter should be within 40%-90%, the surrounding humidity is too high, the electrical insulation is reduced, and the metal part is susceptible to corrosion. At the same time will cause leakage, and even fire, breakdown and other phenomena. If the installation site is limited and the humidity is high, a sealed structure should be used and dehumidification measures should be taken.

8. There must be no corrosive, explosive or flammable gas around the inverter. Less dust, less oil mist. The corrosive gas will corrode the metal part in the inverter, and it can't keep the inverter running stably for a long time. The presence of explosive gas, sparks generated in the inverter's internal relays and contactors, and the high temperature of the heating device such as resistors may cause If fire occurs, it will develop into a fire or explosion accident. Excessive dust and oil mist will attach and accumulate in the inverter and cause the insulation to decrease. This will affect the heat dissipation of the heating element, reduce the amount of cooling air intake, and increase the temperature inside the inverter, thus it cannot operate stably.

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