Henan somewhere gold ore flotation tailings due to the high gold grade, higher gold tailings loss in order to improve the sorting indicators, reduce the loss of gold, commissioned by Henan Lingbao smelter, Xian Zhou Mining Technology Development The limited liability company conducted a pilot study on the tailings in a short period of time. According to the requirements of the client, the tailings are not ground directly by shaking and flotation. Through the test, the gold concentrate with the gold grade of 13.85 g/ton and the recovery rate of 58.18 was obtained, and the shake gold concentrate was subjected to flotation test to obtain the final gold concentrate with the grade of 58.73 g/ton and the recovery rate of 51.73.

Tailings main metallic minerals are gold, lead, sulfur, zinc, gangue minerals quartz, feldspar, calcite, pyrite, limonite, tail placer gold grade of 1.28 g / tonne.

Small friction coefficient, can meet 0.04.
Sealing well in Dynamic and static status, no function influence with less of lubrication.
Can sealing with a speed of 15m/s.
Temperature range: --55℃-+260℃.
Ageing resistance, micro deformation.

Working Pressure: 6500Psi.


Spring Energised Seals

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