Under alkaline conditions, the cyanide in the oxidizing wastewater of NaClO can be divided into two stages. First, the cyanide is oxidized to cyanate and further oxidized to carbon dioxide, ammonia and nitrogen.

According to the nature of this segmentation reaction, in the treatment of cyanide-containing wastewater, the oxidation reaction is controlled to complete the first stage, and then CNO - hydrolyzed to C0 2 and NH 3 (referred to as incomplete oxidation); of NaClO, so CN - completely oxidized to CO 2 and N 2 (referred to as fully oxidized).

Copper conductive rate is very good,Machining Copper(including Machining Brass,machining bronze) is the use of CNC machining out, including turning, drilling, cutting, and screw teeth, etc.. Machining copper commonly used materials: copper, brass, bronze, beryllium copper.  the surface treatment is generally silver plating, gold, some laser LOGO, we have a special inspection department to carry out inspection, and ensure that each size to meet the requirements of the drawings, including machining copper applied in various industries: household appliances, conductive slip ring, communications, medical equipment, industrial automation equipment.

Machining Copper

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