How much is the garbage compression car? In fact, many customers will check the price before buying a car. Then we must first look at the composition of the price. The factors that constitute the price are from the chassis and the top two. First, the chassis is different. The engine brands are different on the chassis. The difference is also tens of thousands of dollars, there are many gearbox brands, different brands, different stalls are also thousands of dollars, and then the cab's luxury level and configuration, with air conditioning, ABS, driving recorder, less Prices vary, tire size is also different, the price is also different, please consult the electric WeChat with the same number, the top is composed of carbon steel plate and hydraulic parts and labor costs, this is better statistics, the current steel prices in China continue to fall, labor costs In recent years, China’s labor wages have been continuously raised. Therefore, except for hydraulic parts, the tops are basically flat. There is nothing more than the increase in freight caused by the rise of crude oil and the increase in the cost of workers. Please contact the WeChat with the same number. 86505682157726741.jpg

So let's take a closer look at the garbage compression car:

Now that we are walking down the street, we can see that there are a lot of garbage compression cars at work, so what is a garbage compression car? What is the working principle of it? I believe that everyone is not very clear about these two points, but it does not matter, today our garbage compression car manufacturers to tell you what is the working principle of garbage compression car and garbage compression car! Please contact us for details on WeChat

First, what is a garbage compression car?

The garbage compression vehicle is a sanitation special vehicle used for garbage collection and transportation. • Equipped with a sealed car body, filler, pusher, hydraulic drive system and electrical control system. The garbage is poured from the filling port at the rear of the car, crushed and compressed into the car, so the loading capacity is larger than that of the general garbage truck. When loading and unloading garbage, it neither pollutes the environment nor reduces the labor intensity of the cleaners. The garbage-loading compressed garbage truck adopts a computer-controlled automatic operation device with high automation.

Garbage compression vehicle
What is a garbage compression car? What is the working principle of it? Car consultation, WeChat, same number

Second, the working principle of garbage compression

1. When the filling hopper is full of garbage, the scraper is opened and ready to insert loose garbage.

2. The skateboard drives the scraper to move down together and insert it into the garbage for crushing and first compression.

3. The scraper rotates forward to further compact the garbage.

4. After the scraper is in place, move with the slide plate, load the garbage compact into the trash can, and return to the starting position. During the continuous filling process of the garbage, the shovel overcomes the back pressure and gradually retreats under the action of the squeezing force, so that the garbage evenly fills the entire garbage bin.

5. After the garbage truck is filled with garbage, the garbage can is completely closed, and it will not pollute the environment during the transportation.

6. When the garbage truck unloads the garbage in the processing (or landfill) field, first lift the filler and open the back end of the garbage bin. The shovel that was originally parked at the front end of the garbage bin moves backwards, and the garbage bin is placed in the horizontal direction. The garbage in the launch.

In fact, the garbage compression car is very similar to the garbage truck, which is more than the garbage truck. Its working principle can be said to save the sanitation staff a lot of things. Car consultation, WeChat, same number

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