CWY-DO-810301 Eddy Current Axis Displacement Sensor Model: YTHN800

YTHN800 series integrated eddy current sensor is based on HN800 eddy current displacement sensor. It adopts micro-chip package and circuit improvement technology to integrate probe and pre-position. It adopts non-contact measurement and long-term work reliability. It has high sensitivity, strong anti-interference ability, response speed block, no oil, steam and other media. Therefore, it is often used in the axial displacement, swing, shaft vibration of large rotating machinery in electric power, steel, petrochemical and other industries. Long-term real-time monitoring of parameters such as speed.

Integrated eddy current sensor technical parameters

CWY-DO-810301 eddy current axis displacement sensor integrated eddy current sensor is designed and manufactured according to industry specifications. The probe head is protected by high temperature and low temperature and various chemical corrosion polyphenylene sulfide (PPS) injection molding, the coil is tightly sealed; It is made of acid-proof stainless steel M16×1 or M20×1.5 threaded tube and epoxy resin package, which is moisture-proof and dust-proof. The signal cable is shielded and can be protected by stainless steel metal hose. It has power polarity and short output. A kind of protection function, any wiring error will not be damaged; it can work continuously for a long time under harsh environment.






6 voltage output form sensor power supply: +24Vdc output: 1 ~ 5V,
-24Vdc -2~-18V

7 Current output form sensor power supply: +24Vdc 4~20mA
Frequency response: 0 ~ 10kHz, output form: three-wire voltage or current output or two-wire current output. Working temperature: -50 ~ +120 ° C, temperature drift 0.05% / ° C. Strong anti-interference ability, high reliability and long life. Non-contact measurement, never wear.
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BSQ001/TM900/TM900-A00 Power Converter

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