VB-Z470B positive and negative monitoring tachometer

According to the high and low speed of the object to be measured, comprehensive measurement can be carried out by means of frequency measurement and measurement. Rotating machinery, especially steam turbines, and the sudden rise in speed are one of the dangerous conditions of Zui, which may have catastrophic consequences. It is extremely important to measure the rise and fall speed of the unit during start and stop, and how to quickly pass the critical speed. The monitor can be equipped with a magnetoresistive sensor, an eddy current sensor and a Hall sensor to monitor the speed of the unit. It is mainly used for monitoring and protection of rotating machinery speed in industrial sectors such as electric power, petroleum and chemical industries.

Function description realizes intelligent processing: alarm I value and II value can be set arbitrarily through panel buttons;
If you do not press the operation button for 1 minute in the setting state, you can return to the measurement state by yourself.
The alarm delay adjustment range is 0.5~3 seconds to prevent false alarms caused by on-site interference;
It has the function of upper and lower power detection, and cuts off the alarm output circuit at the same time, which can effectively suppress the false alarm of the instrument;
The back plate has a current output proportional to the rotational speed value;
Set parameter password protection.

Main features: Each parameter can be set (modified) by panel button, the speed display is decimal point floating, with high precision 4-20mA output and pulse output, which can be easily connected with DCS system.

1. Main technical indicators

Speed ​​display: four-digit LED display, decimal point floating, one-tenth of a thousand precision (display value when the decimal point disappears × 10), the speed range is 0.001~6553×10rpm.

Acceleration display: three digit display, one symbol display, decimal point float, one thousandth precision (unit: rpm / sec).

Frequency display: Four-digit display, decimal point floating, in Hz.

Over-limit alarm: When the display value exceeds the set upper limit and limit, the panel red LED will light, the internal relay action (normally open contact lead) contact capacity is DC24V, 3A; AC220V, 3A, and will be more than before and after the limit 52 speed values ​​are stored in the E2PROM.

Input signal: 50mV~15V pulse or sinusoidal signal

Input impedance: ≥0.2MΩ (input signal is forward 3.6V diode limit)

Analog output: 4-20mA (0-10mA, 1-5V, 0-5V) one thousandth accuracy, full output speed is the set limit speed value.

Pulse output: optically coupled collector open gate (OC gate) pulse output

Power supply: 220VAC±10%, 45Hz~60Hz (85~264VAC, DC; 24VDC power supply is also available)

Volume: 160 × 80 × 80MM3 (width × height × depth)

Weight: about 1Kg

Working time: continuous

Working environment: atmospheric pressure 760±30mmHg, temperature 0-50°C, relative temperature <80%

Installation opening: 75+1×152+1mm2 (horizontal type)

VB-Z470B positive and negative monitoring tachometer

SZC-SAPN type tachometer

Main features: The number of transmission gears and the transmission proportional coefficient are solidified in the program (factory setting value: number of teeth: 60, coefficient 01.0000, which is indicated when the user has special requirements). The upper limit and limit value are freely set by the DIP switch in the table. The decimal point is fixed at the last digit.

1. Main technical indicators:

Speed ​​display: four-digit LED display, speed display integer, accuracy of one ten thousandth ± 1 turn (the last decimal point disappears when the speed is displayed value × 10) speed range 0 ~ 6553 × 10rpm.

Acceleration display: three digits display one symbol, decimal point floating, one thousandth precision (unit: rpm / sec)

Zhou Bo shows: four digits display decimal point floating, unit Hz

Over-limit alarm: The measured speed is compared with the preset limit. Once the over-limit lamp is turned on and the relay contact signal is output, the contact capacity is DC24V, 3A; AC 220V, 3A.

Input signal: 50mV-15V pulsed sinusoidal signal

Input impedance: ≥0.2MΩ (input signal is forward 3.6V diode limit)

Power supply: 220VAC±10% 45 Hz-60 Hz (85~264VAC, DC; 24VDC power supply is also available)

Volume: 160 × 80 × 80mm3 (width × height × depth)

Weight: about 1Kg

Working time: continuous

Working environment: atmospheric pressure 760±30mmHg, temperature 0-50°C, relative humidity <80%

Installation opening: 75+1×152+1mm2 (horizontal type)

Technical indicators electrical indicators external power supply:
Voltage: 220VAC ± 10%; Frequency: 50Hz; Power consumption: <10W.
Input signal: accepts an SZCB-01 magnetoresistive sensor output signal;
Waveform: pulse or sinusoidal signal;
Amplitude: 50mV to 20VAC (effective value);
Input impedance: >10KΩ.
Range: 1 to 9999 rpm.
Display mode: four 0.8 inch LED digital tubes;
Display accuracy: ±1rpm;
Resolution: 1 rpm;
LED indication: alarm I value, alarm II value, red LED.
Number of teeth: 1 to 120 teeth.
Current output: DC 4 ~ 20mA four-wire system, accuracy ± 1%;
Output load: ≤500Ω
Alarm point settings:
Range: 0 to 100% of full scale;
Accuracy: ±0.5%.
Seal: epoxy resin;
Contact capacity: 2A/250VAC or 1A/28VDC;
Node output: normally open contact.

1, to achieve intelligent processing: alarm I value, II value can be arbitrarily set through the panel button

2, the panel button can adjust the range value, no potentiometer adjustment, convenient on-site debugging

3, the number of teeth can be arbitrarily set through the panel buttons

4. The alarm delay adjustment range is 0.1~3 seconds to prevent false alarms caused by on-site interference.

5, with upper and lower power detection function, at the same time cut off the alarm, stop the output circuit, can effectively suppress the instrument false alarm

6. The rear panel has a current output terminal proportional to the value of the rotation for recording and output technical indicators.

Electrical indicators:

1. External power supply; 220VAC 50Hz 2A

2. Input signal: accept a SZCB-01 magnetoresistive sensor signal waveform: sine wave or pulse amplitude: ≥10VAC (effective value)
Input impedance: >10KΩ

3, range: 1 ~ 9999rpm

4, display display mode: four 0.8 inch LED digital display display accuracy: ± 1 rpm
Photocell LED indication: machine field operation status

5, the number of teeth: 1 ~ 255 any

6, output current output: 4 ~ 20mA active output load: ≤ 500Ω

7. Alarm point setting range: 0~100% full scale accuracy: ±0.1%

8, relay seal: epoxy resin node capacity: 2A/220VAC or 1A/28VDC
Node output: normally open contact

9, RS485 communication interface: for parameter programming combination baud rate: 9.6K ~ 38.4Kbps

Environmental indicators:
Temperature range operation: 0 ° C ~ +65 ° C
When storing: -30 ° C ~ +80 ° C
Relative humidity: up to 95%, no condensation

Physical indicators:
Dimensions: 160 × 80 × 200mm
Opening size: 152+1×74+1 mm
Weight: 1.5Kg

Ordering guide

Intelligent high tachometer must be equipped with WT eddy current sensor forming system

HZS-04- Aâ–¡ - Bâ–¡ - Câ–¡ - Dâ–¡- Eâ–¡

Selection instructions

Range range A□: 1——0~1500rpm; 2*——0~3500rpm; 3——0~6000rpm

Sensor selection B□: 1*——SZCB-01; 2——WT-Φ8mm

Number of teeth is selected C: 1 - 6 teeth; 2 * - 60 teeth; 3 - 120 teeth

Alarm delay Dâ–¡: 1 - 0.1 seconds; 2 * - 1 second; 3 - 3 seconds

Communication interface E□: 1 – has 485 communication interface; 2* – no communication interface

1. Highly intelligent, parameter settings for full board operation. Suitable for long-term online monitoring, easy to install and debug, no on-site maintenance.
3. Zero speed, forward and reverse, alarm, dangerous switch output. 4. With 4 ~ 20mA current analog output.
5. Range, alarm, danger, and overspeed values ​​can be set arbitrarily. 6. Zui big value memory and query.
7. The zero speed monitor is capable of accurately measuring low speeds. 8. The anti-rotation monitoring and protection device is mainly for forward and reverse monitoring and display.

Technical Parameters

1. Display mode: LED digital display
2. Measuring range: 0~9999 rpm (high speed measuring range 0~99999 rev / min)
3. Measurement accuracy: ±1 rpm
4. Number of teeth setting: 1~120 teeth arbitrary setting (factory value 60 teeth)
5. Input signal: JM-C-3 speed monitor: CS-1 sensor signal, CS-3 sensor signal
JM-C-3L zero speed monitor: CS-3 sensor signal, CWY-DO-Φ8mm eddy current sensor
JM-C-3G high speed monitor: CS-1 sensor signal, CS-3 sensor signal
JM-C-3F anti-speed monitoring and protection device: 2 CS-3 sensor signals, CS-3F sensor signal

JM-C-3W emergency interrupting speed monitoring and protection device: 3 CS-1 sensor signals
6. Output signal: Current output: 4 ~ 20mA (load ≤ 1KΩ)
Three-level switching output: DC 27V/2A or AC250V/5A
7. Ambient temperature: Temperature -10 ~ 65 ° C (relative humidity ≤ 85%)
8. Supply voltage: AC 220V/50Hz (±10%) Power consumption ≤5W
9. Installation method: disc type
10. Dimensions: Regular style: 95mm (height) × 170mm (length) × 260mm (deep)
11. Opening size: Regular style: 77mm (height) × 152mm (long)

Ordering guide

A: Model selection 01: JM-C-3 intelligent speed monitor, 02: JM-C-3L intelligent zero speed monitor,
03: JM-C-3F intelligent anti-speed monitoring and protection instrument, 04: JM-C-3G intelligent high-speed monitor,
05: JM-C-3W intelligent emergency interrupting speed monitoring and protection device
B: Sensor selection 01: CS-1 passive speed sensor, 02: CS-3 active speed sensor
03: CS-3F reverse speed sensor, 04: CWY-DO-Φ8mm eddy current sensor
C: Range 0-9999rpm, for example: 4000=4000rpm
Example: The intelligent speed monitor with 4000 rpm and active speed sensor is coded as JM-C-01-02-4000

Sensor input method of intelligent tachometer: magnetoresistive sensor

Speed ​​plate gear teeth: 1~120 tooth overspeed protection and speed alarm

The intelligent tachometer has two speed alarm limit values. As long as the measured speed exceeds the set alarm value or dangerous value, the alarm indicator or danger indicator on the front panel lights up, and the alarm relay or dangerous relay operates, and the switch signal is output. The alarm response time is 0.1S.

The main technical indicators show: 5-digit 0.8-inch LED digital display range: 1~99999rpm
Display accuracy: ±1rpm
Alarm, danger: Arbitrary setting alarm output in full scale: Normally open relay output contact capacity: 5A/250VAC 30VDC/5A
Current output: 4~20mA
RS485 communication: MODBUS-RTU protocol (optional)
Dimensions: 160 × 80 × 160mm
Opening size: 152+1×74+1mm

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Technical parameter sensitivity 20~50mv/mm/s±1% (according to user adjustment) Frequency response (optional) 5~100hz, 10~500hz, 10~1000hz natural frequency about 10hz amplitude limit 2mm (peak-peak) Zui large acceleration 10g installation method vertical; horizontal; vertical, horizontal dual-use temperature range -30 ° C ~ 120 ° C relative humidity to 95% non-condensing Dimensions φ 35 × 78mm weight about 350g installation thread m10 × 1.5 ordering guide selection code trlv-a □ □-b□□Selection Description Sensitivity a□□01——20mv/mm/s; 02——30mv/mm/s; 03——50mv/mm/s measurement direction b□□01——vertical; 02— - level; 03 - vertical and horizontal dual-purpose sz-5/sz-6/sz-6b/trlv/tm0793v/tm079vd/9200/74712/47633 magnetic vibration vibration speed sensor cd-1/cd-2/cd- 4/cd-4a/cd-6/cd-6a/cd-7-c/cd-7-s/cd-8/watt cover vibration sensor cd-21-2-c/cd-21-2-s/ Cd-21-t/cd-21c/s/bcd-21a/cd721/wind vibration speed sensor mls-9/mlv-6/mlv-7/mlv-8/mlv-9200/mlv-9268/mlv-27/ Mt1/mt2t/mt3t/mt3m/vibration sensor cs-cd-001/cs-cd-010/od9200/od9300/s6000/pr9266/pr9268/20/30/60/70/bearing vibration sensor mlv-9200 (16699/900 )/9200/74SZC -KYPN,SZC-SAPN tachometer 712/47633/ht-2zd-24/zd25/zdf bearing vibration speed sensor vb-z9500/vb-z9600/sj1061/sj1062 magnetoelectric vibration speed sensor tm0782a/tm0783a/ca-yd/ Yd/kd/tm0782a/winh/mta/pr9270/shq-25x/200150/200155/200157/200350/200355/ca-gt acceleration sensor lvdt displacement sensor 1000td2000td3000td4000td5000td6000tdczj-b2/cz-6/cjz-d/cjz-d2/ Mli-2001/wb-9902/wb-8112b/zj2/zj2-a/bearing vibration monitoring and protection instrument 8500/85100xy/85564/85200/85850bcd-21a/vibrocontrol110/en900/en2000a1/vibration monitoring instrument zxp-f3200/zxp- J116/zxp-j200/zxp-j210/zxp-j220/dzx-400/pdm1201/wli-2004/wli-2003/wli-2001/s2662/vrs2000a11/wli-2011/pt2010/11 dual-channel bearing vibration monitor zxp -j400/zxp-j510/zxp-j520/xd-2/xzk-1/od-9008s/Double-channel tile cover vibration measuring instrument od9004/s2162/s2112/vb-z420/vb-z430/vrs2000a11/vrs2000a1 vibration monitor Vrs2000a3/vrs2000a4st-101/emt226/vib-10b/vib-5/zdy/pt908/sj-2011 bearing vibration monitoring instrument sj-2012/sj-2031/sj-2021/sj-2022/sj-2051/sj-2052 Vibration detection and protection device

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4/HY-TACH intelligent tachometer instrumentation

VB-Z410/VB-Z440/VB-Z470/VRS2000A7/XHF-201/WB-8581/Intelligent Speedometer
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TM0302/TM0306 all weather protection box TM0312/TM0314 explosion-proof enclosure TM0393 eddy current probe housing
TM0510-K Portable Vibration Calibration Table TM0520-K Portable Adjustable Frequency Vibration Calibration Table TM0540 Portable Eddy Current Sensor Static Calibration Instrument PT908 Portable Vibration, Bearing Measuring Instrument Portable Speed ​​Sensor Calibration Table
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VIBROCONTROL 920 bearing vibration monitor instrument VIBROCONTROL 1000 bearing vibration tile vibration transmitter
VIBROCONTROL 1100/VC 1100 C01/VC 1100 C02/VC 1100 C11/VC 1100 C12 Bearing Vibration Transmitter
VIBROCONTROL 4000/VB-410/VB-420/VB-430/CI-411/CI-421/CI-431 Mechanical Protection System
VIBROCONTROL 6000/CV-114/CV-112/CV-101/BC-112/RV-117/AP-327 mechanical protection system
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330500/330525/330750/190501/9200/74712/47633/330400/330425/200350/200150/200155/350900/26530/9200/74712/47633 wattage speed sensor wattage probe 9200-01-05-10-00 watt Shock probe 21000-16-10-15-050-03-02

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VIBRA double channel tile vibration monitor instrument CZ-6/6c dual channel digital display vibration instrument
CZJ-B2/CZJ-B3/CZJ-B3G/CZJ-B4/CZJ-B4G/CZ-6/CJZ-D/CJZ-D2/MLI-2001/WB-9902/WB-8112B/ZJ2/ZJ2-A double Channel wall-mounted roof vibration measuring instrument bearing bush vibration monitoring and protection instrument
8500LD/85100XY/85564/85200/85850BCD-21A/VIBROCONTROL110/EN900/EN2000A1/Double-channel tile vibration monitor instrumentation
ZXP-F3200/ZXP-J116/ZXP-J200/ZXP-J210/ZXP—J220/DZX-400/PDM1201/WLI-2004/WLI-2003/WPDM1201/LI-2001/S2662/VRS2000A11/WLI-2011/PT2010/ 11 dual channel tile shock bearing vibration monitor instrument
ZXP-J400/ZXP—J510/ZXP—J520/XD-2/XZK-1/OD-9008S/Double-channel tile cover vibration meter measurement instrument
OD9004/S2162/S2112/VB-Z420/VB-Z430/VRS2000A11/VRS2000A1 dual channel vibration monitor instrument
VRS2000A3/VRS2000A4ST-101/EMT226/VIB-10b/VIB-5/ZDY/PT908/SJ-2011/RDXZ/RDXZ-2 dual-channel bearing vibration tile vibration monitor instrumentation
SJ-2012/SJ-2031/SJ-2021/SJ-2022/SJ-2051/SJ-2052/TK77/TK81 dual channel tile vibration detection and protection instrument
SZ-S/SZ-SC/SZ-6B/SZ-4/SZ-5/SZ-6/SZ-6B/SZ-6C/SZ-6I/TRLV/TM0793V/TM079VD/WZTK-24/EN 080/EN 090 dual channel magnetoelectric vibration speed tile sensor
CD-1/CD-2/CD-4/CD-4A/CD-6/CD-6A/CD-7-C/CD-7-S/CD-8/Double-channel tile cover vibration sensor
CD-21-2-C/CD-21-2-S/CD-21-T/CD-21-TA/CD-21C/S/BCD-21A/CD721/WIND Watt Vibration Velocity Sensor
MLS-9W/MLV-9W/MLV-6/MLV-7/MLV-8/MLV-9200/MLV-9268/MLV-27/MT1/MT2T/MT3T/MT3M vibration tile sensor
CS-CD-001/CS-CD-010/OD9200/OD9300/S6000/PR9266/PR9268/20/30/60/70/Axis vibration vibration sensor
MLV-9200 (16699/900)/9200/74712/47633/HT-2ZD-24/ZD25/ZDF bearing vibration speed sensor
VB-Z9500/VB-Z9600/SJ1061/SJ1062 magnetoelectric vibration speed tile sensor
TM0782A/TM0783A/CA-YD/YD/KD/TM0782A/WINH/MTA/PR9270/SHQ-25X/200150/200155/200157/200350/200355/CA-GT Acceleration Sensor Portable Speed ​​Sensor Calibration Table Six-Wire LVDT Displacement Sensor 1000TD 2000TD 3000TD 4000TD 5000TD 6000TD 7000TD 8000TD 9000TD 10000TD 11000TD 12000TD Three-wire LVDT displacement sensor HR-DC displacement sensor, 3000HR-DC, 1000HR-DC, 500HR-DC, 200HR, 500HR, 1000HR, 2000HR, 3000HR, 5000HR, 10000HR PTS420 Displacement Sensor, PTS420 Position Transmitter, PTS420-5000 Position Sensor, PTS420-10000 HCT420 Displacement Sensor, HCT420 Position Transmitter, HCT420-5000 Position Sensor, HCT10000, HCT IS5000, HCT IS 10000 GCA/GCD Rebound Displacement sensor, GCA rebound displacement sensor, GCD rebound displacement sensor, GCD-SE, HC485 LBB ultra-precision displacement sensor, LBB-315PA, LBB-375PA
ATML-M1450-0600AT100/BTL5-E10-M0350-P-S32 Displacement Sensor JY PRT LVDT Shift Sensor

SMU9000/SMU9200/KD2300/KD2306/KD2440/KD2446/KD2446-9C/KD2446-5CM/KUDA/8000/SMU-9000/9200/KD-5100/DIT-5200/GageProx/ThreadChecker eddy current displacement sensor shaft vibration probe front Device
EP080/EP200/EP340/EP480 eddy current axis displacement sensor shaft vibration probe
ECPD/ECPD/85/ECPD/60/ECPD-2 eddy current axis displacement sensor shaft vibration probe front end
330301/330302/330303/330601/330602/330603/330604/330851/130713 eddy current axis displacement sensor shaft vibration probe
330101/330102/330103/330104/330105/330106/330140/330141/330191/330192/330193/330194/330195/330196/330197/330198 eddy current displacement sensor shaft vibration probe
330701/330702/330703/330704/330705/330706/330707/330708/330709/330710 eddy current axis displacement sensor shaft vibration probe
330901/330902/330903/330904/330905/330906/330907/330908/330909/330910 eddy current axis displacement sensor shaft vibration probe
330600/330180/330780/330850/330300/330980 eddy current axis displacement sensor shaft vibration probe front end
330630/330130/330190/330730/330854/330330/132501/330930/8200 eddy current axis displacement sensor shaft vibration probe extension cable eddy current sensor DF310880/CWY-DO 810803-00-03-10-02
DWQZ8108-01/8108-02/8108-03/8111-01/8111-02/8111-03/8125-01/8125-02/8125-03/8200/8300/QRD/HRD rod eddy current axis displacement sensor Shaft vibration probe front end QZHF-1 front guard cover

SDW-i/TR81/DWQZ/TRIN/7200/3300/PR6422/PR6423/PR6424/PR6425/PR6426/CWY-DO/8108-01/8108-02/8108-03/8111-01/8111-02/8111- 03/8125-01/8125-02/8125-03/CWY-DO-20T08 eddy current axis displacement sensor shaft vibration probe front end
SD081082/85811/TM0180/TM0105/TM0182/WINW/QH8500/SE/CWY-DO/8300/HTW Axial Displacement Sensor Shaft Vibration Probe Front End
KY8500/OD9000/9000XL/S2100/S2200/VB-Z9100/MLW3300/WD220/QRD/HRD/QZHF rod non-contact displacement sensor shaft vibration probe front-end
RDZW-2Na/CZQZ/RDZW-2/RDZW-2N/WB-8501C/8521C/8531C/85300-DW/16C4-A axial displacement monitoring and protection instrument display table
85350/85710/EN2000A2/HY-01/TPM/DTPM/OD9006/S2102/VRS2000A2/HZWY-20A/ZQZ-10/ZQZ-11/ZQZ-21/ZQZ-II axial displacement detection monitor instrument turbine axial displacement Measuring protection device
RDZW-2Na/CZQX/RDCZ/RDCZ-2Na/85710/HY-02/DEM/DDEM/S2161A/VRS2000A5/HZWY-20A/WB-8521C Differential monitoring and protection instrument meter relative expansion monitor instrument

S-ZS/SZCB-01/SZCB-02/SZCB-03/SZCB-04/PR9376/SM-10/12/14/16/T-03/SZMB-5/9/SZMB-01/SZMB-3/ SZMB-4/ZS-01/ZS-03/ZS-02/ZS-04/KMY20M/KMY/Z20S/KMY20M1/SM6-XS12JK-3P/Y-XG-3 Magnetoresistive Speed ​​Sensor
SZMB-5/SZMB-5-B/SZMB-5T/SZMB-7/SZMB-8/SZMB-9SZMB-9/SZMB-9-B/SZMB-10/SZMB-10/SZMB-11/SZMB-12/ SZMB-14/SZMB-16/SZMB-18/explosion-proof magnetic speed sensor
SMCB-01/SZMZ—01/SZMZ—02/S16/SMS-12/16/E12-E12S-E58A-E58S/D12-D12P/F12A-F12S-F58A-S-HC/F58S/Y12AD/DSD/DSF/ DSE/DSH/km115-1/km115-2/km115-3/km115-4/magnetic sensitive speed sensor
TD-02/TD-03/HK-16/CM16/S16/HB2032/SC12-20K/GVS/SGZP-K1/KGSS/GTS-211B/GTS211A Gear Speed ​​Sensor
DZC-02/DZC-02A/37506A/HZQS-02A/HZQW-03A/HZC-12/HZQS-03A speed instrument
DM504/HY-ZS3/SZC-04F1/WZ-7A/IC-3A positive and negative speed detection monitoring and protection instrument
HY-ZS3F/RTB-S/CS-3F forward and reverse speed sensor DSE 1010.00 ZTZ/DSE 1010.00 STZ/DSE 1210.20 P13HZ 2835870
DSE 1210.20 P4HZ 2838155/DSE 1010.19 SHZ/DSE 1010.20 SHZ/DSE 1010.07 P3HZ/DSE 1010.21 KHZ/DSE 1010 SHV (2m)/DSE 1010.00 STV (3m)/DSE 0603.00 SHZ (0,2m)
SZC-04/SZC-04B/SZC-04BG/SZC-04F/85700/85790/JMS/HY-01/XSM/DF9011/WB--8381GE/SCM-II intelligent speed meter monitoring and protection instrument meter portable speed sensor calibration station
XJP-10B/02A/42A/XSV-01/SQY01T/MFT/SQY11-04/RAS/SKY/SZC/SQYC/CS-1/SQY01/QYDPM/SQY08TD intelligent speed digital display instrument

00C rotating machinery monitoring and protection device 8002C management and power module 8012C vibration monitor 8022C axis vibration monitor 8032C displacement monitor 8051C speed / impact sub-monitor 8052C speed monitor 8054C zero speed monitor 8056C anti-rotation speed monitor 8062C eccentric monitor 8072C Travel monitor 8102C temperature (thermocouple) monitor 8106C temperature (thermal resistance) monitor 8142C universal monitor 8150C dual-channel key phaser 8163C three take two overspeed protector HZS-C4C smart tachometer
8000B series monitoring and protection device system 8000B-000 instrument instrumentation chassis 8000B-001 instrument instrumentation power supply 8000B-012 dual channel bearing vibration function module 8000B-022 dual channel axis vibration function module 8000B-032 dual channel axial displacement function module 8000B- 042 dual channel expansion function module 8000B-051 single channel speed / zero speed / emergency interrupt function module 8000B-061 single channel eccentric function module 8000B-072 dual channel thermal expansion function module 8000B-082 dual channel valve position function module 8000B-092 Dual channel fuel tank oil level function module 8000B-102, 106 dual channel temperature function module 8000B-142 dual channel universal display function module 8000B-150 key phase function module 8000B-162 dual channel three take two function module 8000B speed monitoring protection device palm Computer configuration software configuration software acquisition software

S3/hy-cs1/od9001/s2183/s2181/Intelligent tachometer vb-z410/vb-z440/vb-z470/vrs2000a7/xhf-201/wb-8581 intelligent speedometer df9032 thermal expansion monitor sw-2/td-2 Displacement monitor 3500/3300/7200/pt2060/pt2010/rms700/mms3000/mms6000/vb4000/tn8000/win2000/vm600/en8000/en9000/mv2000/mv3000/s8100/8500/9000/zxp-jk6600/s32000/s36000/ 8000b series rotating machinery monitoring and protection device slmcd-21t/winyv/zd8133/od9200t/mls/v-9/fzb/ymlv/jx73/jx73st/bj230 integrated vibration transmission tr2001/tr2011/tr2031/tr2061/tr2081/trzf/tr95 Transmitter dtm/tm101/tm201/tm202/tm301/tm302/tm501/tm502/transmitter slm/winv/en2000a4/en2000a5/en2000a6/transmitter zxp-t100/zxp-t110/zxp-t120/wz-5a/ Wz-5b/zd24-zf-1/zd24-zf-2 transmitter od9200-b/s9210/s9220/s9260/s9860/02/s9820/02/s9881/01/jx5151/jx5121 transmitter vb-z330/ Vb-z310/vb-z320/mms3110/mms3120/mms3210/mms3311/mms3410/vrs20/mlv/d transmitter vib-15a/hr-2000/tr4101/sj6011/sj6021/sj6031 transmitter tm0540/3300xl/win- 400/hy-xy1/od-9003(a/b)/s21310/vrs4000/xq-15/dz-30 eddy current probe static calibrator
HZS-04F intelligent anti-tachometer, HZS-04T wall-mounted intelligent tachometer, HZS-04 intelligent tachometer, HZS-04M electronic module tachometer, HZS-04C intelligent tachometer, HZD-Z/W Type wall-mounted intelligent vibration temperature monitor HZD-W/L type intelligent vibration monitor, HZD-W/L type four-channel vibration monitor, HZD-Z type intelligent axis vibration monitor, HZD-W type intelligent vibration monitor , HZD-L type intelligent vibration intensity monitor, HXW-U type intelligent fuel tank oil level monitor, HXW-Y type intelligent oil motivation monitor, HXW-R type intelligent thermal expansion monitor

8500LD dual channel intensity monitor, 8500ZD dual channel vibration monitor SW-2 displacement monitor, RDPX eccentric monitor, 85200-W displacement monitor

MLI3000 vibration monitor, MLI-2001 speed detector, MLI-2010 water swing monitor, MLI-2009 eccentric monitor, MLI-2007 speed monitor, MLI-2005 differential monitor, MLI-2004 bearing vibration intensity Monitor
SZ-5/SZ-6/SZ-6B/TRLV/TM0793V/TM079VD/9200/74712/47633 Magnetoelectric Vibration Speed ​​Sensor
CD-1/CD-2/CD-4/CD-4A/CD-6/CD-6A/CD-7-C/CD-7-S/CD-8/Watt Cap Vibration Sensor
CD-21-2-C/CD-21-2-S/CD-21-T/CD-21C/S/BCD-21A/CD721/WIND vibration speed sensor
MLS-9/MLV-6/MLV-7/MLV-8/MLV-9200/MLV-9268/MLV-27/MT1/MT2T/MT3T/MT3M/Vibration Sensor
CS-CD-001/CS-CD-010/OD9200/OD9300/S6000/PR9266/PR9268/20/30/60/70/ Bush vibration sensor
MLV-9200 (16699/900) / 9200/74712/47633/HT-2ZD-24/ZD25/ZDF bearing vibration speed sensor
5300-DW/axial displacement monitoring and protection device
85350/85710/EN2000A2/HY-01/TPM/DTPM/OD9006/S2102/ VRS2000A2/Axial Displacement Detection Monitor
HY-02/DEM/DDEM/ S2161A/
VRS2000A5/Expansion monitoring and protection device SD-051/IN-081/IN-083/IN-084/IN-085/INA-081/INA-083/INA-085/DS-1051/DS-1052/DS-1053 /DS-1054/SD-052/SD-053/SD-054/SD-081/SD-083/SD-084/SD-087/SD-088/SD-089/SDH-151/SDH-154/SD -161/
SD-164/WT-010/WT-025电涡流轴位移传感器轴振动探头JM-C-3转速监测保护仪 182/WINW/QH8500/SE/CWY-DO/轴向位移传感器

SLM/SLM-1000/SLM-2000/SLM-3000/SLM-4000/SLM-5000/SLM-6000/SLM-7000/SLM-8000/WINV/EN2000A4/EN2000A5/EN2000A6/变送器HZS-04智能转速监测仪 配套转速探头




MTN/1185IC/VP-201/202瓦震振动速度传感器S-YTH振动测量装置 TM016-001-530-00-0/TM016地震式速度加速度振动传感器变送器
PR9266/10 PR9268/11 PR9266/12 PR9268/20/30 PR9268/60/70电动式绝对振动瓦震传感器
TM0782A-K/TM0783A/TM0793V-K/TM079VD瓦震振动传感器PT079VD 低频磁电式速度位移传感器
SD-051/IN-081/IN-083/IN-084/IN-085/INA-081/INA-083/INA-085/DS-1051/DS-1052/DS-1053/DS-1054/SD-052/SD-053/SD-054/SD-081/SD-083/SD-084/SD-087/SD-088/SD-089/SDH-151/SDH-154/SD-161/ SD-164/WT-010/WT-025电涡流轴位移传感器轴振动探头
PT2010/11双通道机壳振动(加速度/速度/位移)监测仪表PT2010/21双通道振动监测仪表PT2010/22双通道轴向位置监测仪表PT2010/25双通道摆度/偏心监测仪表PT2010/26双通道胀差监测仪表PT2010/51双通道转速监测仪表PT2010/51D 双通道转速监测仪表PT2010/53 三冗余超速保护仪表PT2010/62双通道机壳膨胀监测仪表
MMS3110双通道轴振变送器MMS3120双通道瓦振变送器MMS 3125双通道轴承振变送



WZ-1D-A /WZ-1D-B/WZ-1D-C危急遮断转速仪仪表仪表

Q1. What is your terms of packing?
A: Generally, we pack our goods in neutral white boxes and brown cartons. If you have legally registered patent, 
we can pack the goods in your branded boxes after getting your authorization letters.

Q2. What is your terms of payment?
A: T/T 30% as deposit, and 70% before delivery. We'll show you the photos of the products and packages 
before you pay the balance.

Q3. What is your terms of delivery?

Q4. How about your delivery time?
A: Generally, it will take 30 to 60 days after receiving your advance payment. The specific delivery time depends 
on the items and the quantity of your order.

Q5. Can you produce according to the samples?
A: Yes, we can produce by your samples or technical drawings. We can build the molds and fixtures.

Q6. What is your sample policy?
A: We can supply the sample if we have ready parts in stock, but the customers have to pay the sample cost and 
the courier cost.

Q7. Do you test all your goods before delivery?
A: Yes, we have 100% test before delivery

Q8: How do you make our business long-term and good relationship?
A:1. We keep good quality and competitive price to ensure our customers benefit ;
2. We respect every customer as our friend and we sincerely do business and make friends with them, 
no matter where they come from.

Single/double Wiper Arm

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