There are not a lot of passengers who are preparing for battery travel by the Qingming small holiday. But do you know that it is not allowed to carry a lithium battery over the standard? Yesterday, the Aviation Security Department of Shijiazhuang Airport issued a lithium battery (including charging treasure) limited reminder to remind passengers to travel safely.

Yesterday, the official Weibo of the Aviation Security Department of Shijiazhuang Airport released a limited-point reminder on lithium batteries (including charging treasures). Weibo said that small lithium batteries (rated energy less than 100Wh), do insulation measures, can be carried around; medium-sized lithium batteries (rated energy between 100-160Wh), do insulation measures, and approved by the airline, this specification The spare battery can carry up to 2 pieces per person; large lithium batteries (rated at 160Wh or above) are prohibited from being carried around, and it is forbidden to check in the baggage. If it is necessary to transport, please follow the shipping dangerous goods process.

How should the rated energy of a lithium battery be calculated? In Weibo, the unit of the rated energy of the lithium battery is mentioned as "Watt hour" (Wh).

It is understood that most lithium-ion batteries directly indicate the rated energy, but some lithium-ion batteries do not directly indicate the rated energy. The specific conversion formula is: rated energy (Wh) = battery capacity (Ah) × discharge voltage (V). Among them, 1Ah = 1000mAh.

Take a mobile phone battery as an example, the battery capacity is 1700mAh, the discharge voltage is 3.7V, and its rated energy is 6.29Wh by the conversion formula.

Yesterday, the reporter interviewed the head of the security inspection of the Aviation Security Department of Shijiazhuang Airport. The person in charge said that the state has strict implementation standards for passengers carrying lithium batteries, and the restrictions on the belts are also issued in accordance with the regulations. In normal security inspections, passengers generally carry a spare battery for mobile phones or carry a spare battery for laptops. Will exceed the standard. However, some batteries, such as lithium battery wheelchairs, are over standard. "So, it is recommended that passengers carrying electronic devices should only carry a spare battery with them on board, so as to avoid unnecessary troubles caused by the line."