TVC-3D-A portable laser disk coal meter

The TVC-3D-A Portable Laser Disk Coal Meter is a kind of portable disk coal meter that was introduced at the beginning of 2009 and is widely used in many fields such as electric power, coal, metallurgy, chemical engineering, environmental protection, cement, and scientific research. When we use the TVC-3D-A portable laser disk coal meter, its technical advantages are all required to be mastered. This is very important for the user's use. The following Xiaobian will introduce specific details for everyone.

Laser disk coal technology advantages

1, the entire equipment waterproof, dustproof, anti-fall, very high reliability.

2. Range finder: It adopts American-made XLRIC three-dimensional laser range finder; industrial-grade design standard, IP67 environmental rating; low temperature to zero

3, 30 degrees, high temperature to 60 degrees can work properly; waterproof, dustproof, anti-fall; special battery, a battery can work continuously for 4 hours, winter work is still excellent.

4. Computers: The military grade CF-19 military notebook computer designed by Japan's Matsushita Corp. is used in the military design standards, IP67 environmental rating; low temperature to minus 30 degrees, high temperature to 60 degrees can work properly; waterproof, dustproof, anti-fall; Battery, a battery can work continuously for 8 hours, and winter work is still excellent;

5, full-screen touch, LED rear projection 1000 Liu Ming high-brightness display, the summer sun is still clear display; can be rotated into a tablet computer, very suitable for on-site use; high humidity, rain and snow weather, windy dust and other weather work equally well.

6 The whole set of equipment is highly integrated. The whole machine does not have an external power cord and external data cable; data transmission is performed through the wireless Bluetooth port;

Features of TVC-3D-A portable laser disk coal analyzer

1, the installation of equipment, debugging is simple;

2, the location of the site to move easily and easily;

3, the device structure is simple, the overall reliability is greatly improved;

4. Eliminate the problem of virtual links and data loss in data lines;

5. It is not necessary to set up a fixed measurement site around the coal yard. It can be located at any position: for example, on a coal stack.

7 Any station ensures complete measurement of coal piles of various shapes and avoids measurement errors caused by unreasonable stations.

8. All blind areas can be eliminated during measurement, and the results will not be affected by the topography of the coal yard. The accuracy of the old-fashioned portable coal-coal analyzer is related to those fixed measurement sites, so that any site changes, such as loss, displacement, etc. Impact on the accuracy of the results;

9, save money, save money: set up a fixed location of the measurement site, the need for pre-surveying and construction, and continue to maintain and repair afterwards, adding to the use of coal-meter cost;

10, the working efficiency of the disc coal is higher: the disc coal is not limited by the position, and the inventory of the coal yard (coal dump) of any position, any shape, and any size is calmly dealt with;

11 It is safer: It does not change the existing pattern of the coal yard and does not affect other production activities; it will undoubtedly be built around the coal yard.