In summer, the ambient temperature is high. If the oil is selected improperly, the oil pressure may be too low, and if it is severe, the engine may be damaged. Therefore, the vehicle must pay attention to the correct selection and use of lubricants.

The environment temperature is relatively high, and the engine is often in a high temperature state, which easily causes the lubricating oil to degenerate, the viscosity decreases, and the lubrication function is lost. Therefore, in the summer, special attention should be paid to the engine cooling system to ensure that it can work normally and avoid high temperature overheating of the engine.

The viscosity of lubricating oil changes with the increase of temperature, that is, the viscosity of the lubricating oil is reduced when it is heated, and it is easy to cause the lubricating oil to be consumed too quickly. Therefore, special attention should be paid to the inspection of the dipstick in summer, and if there is a defect, it must be added in time.

Heavy or relatively old cars can often use 50 or 20w/50 oil. Avoid excessively low oil viscosity caused by oil viscosity, causing unnecessary failure. Also pay attention to the engine water temperature and oil pressure at any time. If there is any abnormality, you should stop immediately to find out the reason. After troubleshooting, you can continue driving.