Hydraulic cylinder maintenance and maintenance, in particular, is the maintenance and repair of hydraulic media and hydraulic cylinders. Hydraulic transmission has many advantages such as simple structure, stable quality, high mechanical efficiency, and easy automation. Therefore, many large sites are currently maintained, and medium-sized machinery adopts hydraulic transmission systems. However, there are also oil leakages in hydraulic technology, and oil temperature changes affect the speed control and noise. How to operate the hydraulic machine more safely and efficiently, correctly select the hydraulic oil according to system pressure, operating speed, working oil quantity, and ambient temperature, use and maintain it reasonably, maintain excellent working performance of the oil for a long time, and exert optimal work Efficiency is the key to work. In response to this, we must usually operate in accordance with the norms and scientific management.

To maintain and maintain hydraulic cylinders, contamination must be prevented from mixing with the hydraulic fluid:

1. During the use of the cylinder, the hydraulic oil should be replaced regularly and the system filter should be cleaned to ensure cleanliness and prolong life.

2. When the cylinder is used every time, it is necessary to conduct full trial run and 5 strokes, and then carry it again. This can exhaust the air in the system, preheat the systems, effectively avoid the presence of air or water in the system, and cause gas explosion ( or scorch ) in the cylinder block , which will damage the seal and cause the cylinder to leak. Such as failure.

3 , control the system temperature, high oil temperature will reduce the seal life, long-term high oil temperature makes the seal permanent deformation, or even completely failure.

4 , to protect the outer surface of the piston rod, to prevent bumps and scratch damage to the seals, often clean the dynamic seal ring and the exposed piston rod on the sand, to prevent adhesion to the surface of the piston rod difficult to clean Dirt enters the cylinder and damages the piston, cylinder or seal.

5 , often check the thread, bolts and other joints and found loose immediately tightened.

6 , often lubrication of the joints to prevent corrosion or abnormal wear without oil.