A few days ago, Amazon introduced a home-use barcode scanner, Amazon Dash, which allows users to use gadgets to purchase everyday items.

Amazon Dash looks like a recognition pen, about 15.2cm in length, 2.5cm in width, built-in laser scanner and microphone. It can access the Internet through the wifi in the user's home and is bound to the Amazon Fresh account. In use, the user can add related products to the shopping cart simply by pressing the voice button of Amazon Dash, saying the desired product, or using the device to scan the bar code of daily necessities in the home. The user can access the Internet at any time, determine the shopping list and submit orders to complete the order.
Amazon said that Amazon Dash is currently in the testing period and is only targeted at Amazon Fresh users in Los Angeles and San Francisco. After a thorough understanding of the user experience, the company will consider expanding the trial scope.