In order to seek greater breakthroughs in the automation, intelligence, and informationization of grain drying machinery equipment based on big data service platforms, we also hope to open a new era of intelligent manufacturing in the field of grain drying in China's agricultural machinery, April 11th, by Anhui Chenyu. The "2018 China Grain Drying Machinery and Equipment Intelligent Research Academic Forum" organized by Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. was held in Lu'an City, Anhui Province. More than 120 leaders from the Chinese Academy of Engineering, including Wang Yuhua and Zhao Chunjiang, as well as relevant leaders, scholars and experts in the field of agricultural machinery participated in the conference. Academic forum discussion.

Under the framework of the "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan" strategy, under the background of the "China Manufacturing 2025" and German Industry 4.0 Big Data strategy, China has achieved basic research in the application of agricultural engineering, research in scientific and technological innovation, and agricultural information platform technology and product technology. More outstanding results. In the past two years, in the situation where many agricultural machine segments have been declining, the grain drying market has been extremely hot and has achieved a contrarian growth. It is a rising star. According to Guo Jianhui, deputy chief of the Agricultural Machinery Testing and Appraisal Station of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Areas, grain dryers have maintained a relatively high growth rate in recent years. This is a manifestation of China’s new century’s two-hundred-year target development process. High-speed growth stems from consumer first. There are new requirements for grain quality and nutritional value; the second is the development of innovative models for new organizational models, and strong demand for cooperatives, food production and processing companies; and third, the changing trend of branding and intensification of agricultural production stimulates the grain drying market. development of.

In 2017, China's machinery dried food 112.26 million tons, accounting for only 18.2% of the country's total grain output. Facing the new situation, it is both an opportunity and a challenge. Wang Yuhua proposed that the development of the post-processing technology and equipment for grain production in China is lagging behind, which is the primary issue that restricts the development of mechanized agriculture. "The implementation of the "Quality Food Project" is an important part of the effective solution to the structural reforms in the supply side of agricultural equipment." He said that in 2017, the Ministry of Finance and the State Grain Administration jointly initiated the proposal to accelerate the implementation of "high-quality food projects" and demanded that " The transformation of "producing more grain" to "producing good grain" will boost the quality and efficiency of the grain industry. The construction of "Quality Food Project" will set up a set of specialized socialized post-harvest food service systems for our country, which can greatly improve the quality guarantee capability of grain by providing specialized services such as clean-up, drying and classification. According to market demand, grade, storage, classification, processing, and effective guarantee of food quality, so as to achieve higher prices and better quality, increase the supply of green high-quality food products to create conditions to promote the "upgraded quality" of food, through the market to stimulate farmers to increase income.

In addition, the unscientific management of post-production food is also one of the important factors that restrict the current economic development of the grain industry and affect the income of farmers. Post-production service system innovation in grain production is mainly aimed at farmers' problems in grain collection, grain storage, cleaning, and drying. Wang Yuhua proposed that a batch of grain drying equipment innovation companies should be supported to carry out post-production grain service system construction. The post-harvest food service center not only provides services such as drying, sorting, and impurity removal, but also delivers timely market information to farmers, clears high-quality food channels for transaction demand, and builds a bridge of communication between farmers and processing companies, thereby guiding farmers to plant the market. The demand for quality food varieties.

In addition, Zhao Chunjiang believes that the realization of information and intelligentization of agricultural machinery manufacturing is also an important current strategy. It strives to achieve a perfect connection between the design and manufacture of agricultural machinery and the lean control and control technology, and to strengthen the application of information technology for grain drying equipment.

At the conference, Duan Yinwu, chairman of Chenyu Technology, put forward his own opinions on how to improve the intelligence of China's grain drying machinery and equipment. He believes that the first is to push forward the comprehensive mechanization and intelligent development of grain drying. As a large grain-producing country, the level of grain drying and mechanization in China is still relatively low, and the drying link has become a prominent shortcoming in the mechanization of grain production. Strengthening the R&D and production of grain drying machinery requires more promotion and policy support. The second is to speed up China's grain drying mechanization technology innovation. With the guidance of “Industry Urgent Needs and Farmers' Practicality”, we will accelerate the development of efficient, low-cost, intelligent drying equipment and technology introduction, and vigorously promote green, energy-saving, intelligent, and efficient grain dryers. The third is to focus on building a social service system for grain drying. Focusing on improving the supply level of grain drying machinery services, we will actively cultivate professional and comprehensive agricultural service organizations, explore and improve the new model and new business model of grain dryers such as full-course custody, “Internet Plus” grain dryers, and accelerate the formation of industry leaders. Appropriate, reasonable layout, economical and convenient, professional and efficient grain dryer social service system.

Chen Zhi, president of the China Agricultural Machinery Industry Association, said that from a technical perspective, energy conservation and environmental protection will always be the key to the field of drying; efficiency and quality will always be their pursuit; intelligence will always be the direction of the development of the drying market. “The number of agricultural machinery companies that researched and developed wheat harvesters has reached more than 170, and there are more than 130 rice machine companies. Corn machine manufacturing companies have eliminated nearly half of them from more than 100 after market adjustment. I believe the dryer market will also We will rely on market adjustment mechanisms to achieve survival of the fittest, but in terms of current market conditions, there are integrated companies like Lovol Heavy Industries, Zoomlion Heavy Industries, Jiangsu Walde, etc. that are entering the drying manufacturing field, and there are also professional teams like Chenyu Technology. R & D and production, who can dominate the dryer manufacturing field, is still unknown, and we hope that with the joint efforts of everyone, we can maintain orderly and healthy development of the market," he said. Liu Xian, president of the China Agricultural Machinery Association, said that the recent development of the Internet, big data, and artificial intelligence is bound to promote the quality of agricultural machinery equipment and improve the efficiency of dryer operations. Faced with the current disorderly development of the dryer industry, he suggested exploring how the dryer market can be developed rationally and how it can technically overcome the challenges of online monitoring. Zhang Huaguang, deputy secretary-general of the China Agricultural Machinery Circulation Association, who has studied the big data analysis of the agricultural machinery market for many years, believes that in 2017, the dryer market achieved a growth rate of more than 30%. After years of market research, users are most concerned about quality and machine utilization. As far as the current situation is concerned, the drying of wheat, rice, and corn in the dryer's existing products is less versatile. In addition, there are no companies conducting R&D and production of drying equipment such as peanuts and other cash crops and vegetable crops such as onions. Therefore, there is a large market for dryers. “There are few brands in the market and many brands are weak.” Zhang Huaguang hopes that agricultural machinery companies can accelerate R&D efforts in the future market, improve product quality, and achieve derivative product features. (Reporter Jin Juan)

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