Today's new vehicle builders like to grab time.

It was absolutely unexpected that in the beginning of June, Wang Chien-yin, president of the company’s Greentown Group, was sold in a media interview. It was announced in such a short time!

On June 22, 2018, in Jiujiang, a culturally famous city with a history of more than 2,000 years, the state-level Jiujiang Economic and Technological Development Zone officially signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the company for the new energy passenger vehicle.


Pursuant to the cooperation agreement, GreenChip Motor will build a production base in central Jiujiang according to a planning and distribution path. Its overall scale is 1060 mu, with a total construction area of ​​300,000 square meters, a planned production capacity of 200,000 vehicles/year, a standard of up to 100,000 vehicles/year after the completion of the first phase, a total investment of 5.5 billion, and four bases of the workshop All of them are planned and designed according to the standards of smart manufacturing, energy conservation and environmental protection.

At the conclusion of the signing ceremony, the president of Greentech Motor Co., Ltd., Wang Xiangyin, who was born in the engineering department, told the headline app that many of the dry goods of the company were found.

Why Jiujiang is chosen as the Central Base?


In fact, for the signing of the cooperation with Jiujiang Economic and Technological Development Zone, it seems to Wang Xiangyin that such promotion rhythm is entirely in accordance with established planning and development. “First of all, Jiujiang is not only a market center but also a resource center. Second, the Jiujiang government is very pragmatic and efficient. In the process of simultaneous negotiations with many governments, the Jiujiang government is very active. After the landing of Jiujiang, the follow-up of our project construction will also be promoted. It will be very fast."

According to the previous plan, GreenChip will adopt a 3+1 smart manufacturing layout and deploy three smart manufacturing bases (central, eastern and northern) and a smart custom center (Italy) on a global scale.


Now Jiujiang, which will be manufacturing bases, coincides with previous plans. Wang Xiangyin further explained: “The central region is a very crucial layout. The layout of our entire grand strategy is placed here. Because Jiujiang is a place, from the resource conditions, government support, service awareness, future market, acceptance and acceptance The capacity is very good."

Indeed, Jiujiang has the reputation of “nine schools in Puyang County, which clearly show like drawing”, and two-thirds of the waters in China’s largest freshwater lake “Poyang Lake” are in Jiujiang. In addition, Li Bai, the great poet of the Tang Dynasty, remained. The place where the eternal culture poem "Wanjishan Waterfall" in the "flooding down three thousand feet, suspected Galaxy down nine days" is located in Jiujiang, these may be the reason why Green Chi vehicles selected Jiujiang.

Everything is down to earth and grasping products and building bases

For future capacity planning, Wang Xiangyin confidently said: “We plan 200,000 vehicles. The first phase will be completed in September next year, and the production capacity will reach 100,000 vehicles. That is, the first car SUV will be officially listed in the fourth quarter of next year. ”


Previously, Greentech has progressively disclosed a number of product plans, including CC/M/S's three product platforms and vehicle models, covering micro, compact and medium to large scales. Since 2019, the platform products of GreenChip will be put on the market one after another at a rate of one semi-annual.

Launched the first compact SUV in December 2019, and launched the first 4-seater mini-vehicle product in June 2020. In mid-to-large-scale coupe in December, two mini-cars will be launched in June 2020 and will be available in September 2020. Grade sedan, listed in February 2021 small SUV, listed in May large-scale SUV, listed in August 2021 MPV.

Wang Xiangyin revealed to the author: “After signing the contract, the project team will be formally established. The project team will quickly work in this place. After the completion of the ten-60-acre land retreat, it will be started directly. In addition, the project The design institute also entered the site synchronously, and the development of the plant equipment, molds, products, bases, etc. are all in progress, and it is very well connected step by step."

The focus of new energy vehicles is the ability to integrate

In the eyes of the outside world, the core problem of new energy vehicles at present is battery technology, and even if many new vehicle builders can build vehicles, the three-core problem of the battery leads to cruising mileage and even vehicle safety problems. Wait.


â–² Co-founder of GreenChip Auto Group, President of GreenChip Group Wang Xiangyin

He has nearly 30 years of experience in automotive product R&D and manufacturing as a "trainer in vehicle engineering" (Ph.D. in Vehicle Engineering, Hunan University). Therefore, Wang Xiangyin believes that “the focus of new energy vehicles is the ability to integrate, and the integration capability is also divided into two parts: hardware integration and software integration. The control center will be built stronger, and physical integration has become more mature in China. At the same time, we have domestic and international well-known manufacturers and we can use their technology directly.We will fully participate in this process. We will cooperate with others and have independent research and development. We must integrate and optimize to the best conditions, and put it on our vehicles. Its best effect."

As for the cooperation with that company, Wang Xiangyin also sold it to everyone: “Some have signed a strategic framework agreement, some are signing, and there will soon be an opportunity to be announced. The latest in July, the first Home partners will be announced."

Currently, some of the new sales forces in the market have most of their sales channels that have their own offline experience stores. For the future sales channels, it seems to Wang Xiangyin that marketing is the strength of the Greentech vehicles, especially new energy vehicles.

According to Wang Xiangyin, “In the future, GT will adopt three methods of distribution, direct sales and self-operation, because the products are not yet available. We use these models to sell other people’s cars. When our car comes out, we will Put on the platform to sell the car. This is the characteristics of the Green Che car, the car has not yet come out, marketing, access has been formed, to ensure that the car out of the road into the channel to sell.

Despite the fact that the products of each new vehicle manufacturer have been listed on the market and their respective projects have been continuously promoted, Wang Xiangyin frankly stated, “We are not seeking fast, and we need to follow the plan and go one step at a time.”

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